Saturday, January 29, 2022

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Blackpool’s Chris Higgitt becomes hit on YouTube over £1 burger

Chris Higgitt £1 Burger YouTube
After conquering the small screen, FEC operator Chris Higgitt is conquering the even smaller screen of YouTube as he attracts video makers from across the UK to his FEC and £1 burger bar, always making sure to big up Blackpool in front of the camera.

Abbott’s ‘New York New York’ picked for vlog prize

Abbott's New York ride Prize
Fairground vlogging site Paynefull Vlogs has awarded Abbott’s Amusements’ Super Bob ride ‘New York New York’ its Ride of the Year 2019.

Baron unveils key talking points from BA AGM

Coinslot - B2 Miles Baron Bingo Association AGM
Miles Baron, CEO of the Bingo Association, provides a verbal tour of the BA’s recent annual general meeting, covering everything from the upcoming general election, to the new coin and social responsibility.   The Bingo Association held its annual general meeting at the Hippodrome on 26 April, with clearer messaging being a main theme at the event, both in terms of...