Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tag: youth

Growth in young people’s gambling experiences coming from outside industry

Twelve percent of children in Great Britain between 11-15 gambled in the week prior to being asked, Gambling Commission statistics show, although the regulator also stated that many gambling experiences are coming from outside the industry.   The highest percentage of young gamblers in any one industry activity was five percent, with the National Lottery, private bets, and fruit machines the...

Mumbles highlights the year of the Fidget Spinner

Coinslot - Mumbles Pier Fidget Spinner ameco
Mumbles Pier has reported that one particular redemption prize is in demand more than any other - a trend that appears consistent throughout the UK’s seaside resorts.   The seaside sector’s most sought after prize of the season looks to be already decided - and the winner? The fidget spinner. Out of nowhere, off the back of a patent that expired...