Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Ruling the waves: Britain driving global preference for online gaming

YouGov report online gaming
Solidified by pandemic lockdowns over the last 18 months, Britain’s increasing preference for online gaming over retail makes it a nation driving the global trend - with 63 percent of gamblers globally preferring online to offline, according to YouGov.

Gambling in decline: Participation stats fall despite fears of lockdown temptation

Gambling decline during lockdown YouGov Survey
Contrary to much of the alarmist rhetoric, the latest YouGov data has clearly shown that gambling uptake, play-time and spend has fallen throughout the shelter-in-place order.

Commission issues new guidelines for online operators in lockdown

GC data online gambling during lockdown
The Gambling Commission has said new data suggests a hike in spend and playtime on gambling sites since the introduction of lockdown, prompting it to tighten regs on digital operators.

42 percent of public don’t see arcades as gambling

YouGov Survey Arcade
A recent YouGov survey has shown that while 77 percent of people feel they have enough information to gamble safely, more than half that amount don’t..

Cost of a pint now judged “unaffordable” by most Brits

A new survey finds that over half of UK adults may be struggling to cough-up the change for a pint in their local. All the more reason, then, for investment in the pub machines sector. The exorbitant price of a beer in pubs may well be keeping swathes of punters at home, suggests pub advocacy group The Campaign for Real...