Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Yalp is officially launched on first morning of EAG

Yalp officially Launched EAG
As EAG got down to business many delegates made a bee line to the Yalp stand to receive live demonstrations, hear about the far ranging social..

Yalp: Industry invited to see for themselves at EAG

Greg Wood Yalp cashless gaming Game Payment Technology
From a standing start the team behind Yalp has made huge strides towards delivering the cashless gaming payment app the industry has been waiting for as Greg Wood outlines

Yalp is ‘social responsibility by design’

John Rozek, GPT’s Financial Compliance Director and a member of the team responsible for creating Yalp the cashless payments app which is being officially launched at EAG, will be drawing on his vast experience gained working in the payments sector...

Yalp takes security to the next level with rigorous white hat testing

Paul Deed Game Payment Technology Yalp
The industry backed cashless payment app, Yalp, has moved one step closer with independent testing now underway. Game Payment Technology’s Paul Deed talks us through the procedure

Answering the cashless question

Greg Wood Yalp cashless
Greg Wood, vice-president of Bacta, spoke about his role as chair of the trade body’s payment committee and director of GPT, the joint venture company..

Tim Stratton: ‘Yalp development team is the best in the business’

Tim Stratton polar moment Yalp
Polar Moment co-founder, Tim Stratton, explains the background to the business and what it takes to win the Queens Award for Industry.

How Yalp is setting the gold standard for cashless payments

ohn Rozek Game Payment Technology Cashless Payments solutions
John Rozek, Financial Compliance Director at Game Payment Technology, has been staggered by the level of engagement from the industry and argues the case in favour of SR.

Bacta to integrate age estimation tech in YALP app

Bacta app age technology YALP
YALP, the secure cashless payments app, has underlined its robust social responsibility credentials through incorporating secure biometric technology from London-based Yoti. The partnership will help operators...

YALP – the new, cashless way to PLAY from Bacta

YALP Game Payment Technology Bacta
There’s high hopes from Game Payment Technology as it unveils the identity of its new cashless payment app. YALP is on its way.

Digital is the new way to play

Greg Wood YALP technology
As the industry welcomes the new cashless payments app, YALP, Game Payment Technology’s Greg Wood unpicks the data behind digital, the key trends of..