Sunday, November 28, 2021

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HMRC concede WMC repayments were demanded “in the public interest”

Kingly Working Mens Club
Following a meeting with HMRC on 17 April in which the government body revealed that WMC repayments were demanded “in the public interest”, Barry Slasberg of Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club has called on umbrella organisations to “fight for justice”. For four years HMRC has argued that its demand for working men’s club (WMC) repayments in 2014 was made in...

Determination and media attention push working men’s club tax battle forward

Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club’s bookkeeper Barry Slasberg has been invited to a meeting with HMRC following local media attention and 12 years of determination. The WMC’s battle for a refund of VAT tax has taken a new twist. Following a request for comment from local media and a dogged determination from Kingsley Park Working Mens Club, HMRC have U-turned...