Monday, November 29, 2021

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Pleasureland goes above and beyond for boy who lost toy

Pleasureland Amusements Whitby arcade toy
Pleasureland Amusements in Whitby has been praised for its “kind and generous” customer service after staff went the extra mile for a customer who left his favourite toy behind.

Whitby warning for counterfeit £2 coins

Whitby counterfeit £2 coins CCTV still
Businesses in Whitby are being urged to remain vigilant, after a group of children were discovered using counterfeit £2 coins in local attractions and amusements.

Richardson and Holland opt to remain closed past July 4

Happidrome not re-opening yet
Two high profile operators, Martin Richardson in Southend and Reece Holland in Whitby, have elected not to open just yet. They explain the rationale behind a very difficult decision.

Whitby Piers: And yet another deadline missed for crucial repairs as ‘nothing going on yet’

Whitby Pier
Maintenance work may finally get underway on the piers in Whitby this autumn, but not after yet another broken promise from Scarborough Council. Long-delayed repair work to Whitby’s piers seems to have stalled yet further - with previously announced September start-date now pushed backed by several weeks. Earlier this year Scarborough Borough Council pledged that its £9m Whitby Piers Coast Protection...

Seaside towns gathering steam, but will small business owners survive?

Politicians are finally beginning to realise the potential of revitalising seaside towns, but will small business owners such as Mark Miller in Whitby be tolerant enough to stick around for the results? Patience, and profit margins, are certainly wearing thin. “Eventually the government will realise the value of our seaside towns,”says Mark Miller, owner of Millers Amusements in Whitby, with...

Fight 4 Whitby prompt action through FOI pressure

coinslot whitby
The long-standing campaign to maintain Whitby’s Piers, which is backed by a number of amusement arcade figures, has prompted action from Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) following a new Freedom of Information (FOI) request.   Fight 4 Whitby’s (F4W) request relates to Dive Surveys performed on the piers’ extensions to check for damage, and with SBC only providing a report from 2008,...

Council has no answers for Whitby delays

coinslot whitby
The continued drive by the Fight 4 Whitby group to protect the heritage of the piers, quays and wider harbour area has often been met with silence from those in the council, despite a high priority report into the state of the structures.   As a result of this, the local group, made up of residents and business owners in the...

Whitby Pier work progresses amid political battleground

Coinslot - Whitby pier
Scarborough Borough Council has announced updates on the long-awaited maintenance of Whitby’s piers. However, campaign group Fight 4 Whitby and local operator Mark Miller believe the urgently-needed work has taken far too long.   A group in Whitby are campaigning against Scarborough Borough Council’s (SBC) management of the town’s harbour and the surrounding facilities, with local operator Mark Miller joining the...

Millers Amusements remain hopeful for coastal growth

Coinslot, Miller s Amusements
As an operator who works across both the FEC and AGC markets, Mark Miller has a good sense of the overall coin-op market. He believes that after a steady year of business, the Triennial will spell good news for the industry, but warns redemption machine suppliers that more innovation is needed in the sector.   Millers Amusements saw a rise in...