Monday, December 6, 2021

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As Tim Martin takes aim at government “propaganda” on lockdown, fellow operators lend their backing

Tim Martin Wetherspoons Sweden without draconian restrictions
Wetherspoons CEO Tim Martin has argued that Sweden shows life can go on without resorting to draconian restrictions. It’s a view many operators, including Brighton Palace Pier owner Luke Johnson, supports.

Some pubs to re-open (maybe) by early July, says Boris

Pubs lockdown re-opening
In what has been touted as some long-awaited good news for the shuttered pub sectors, the latest government guidelines could permit for certain pubs to re-open as early as July 4 - given they meet all requisite social distancing pre-requisites.

Wetherspoons to open new premises in early 2020

Pub Wetherspoons
JD Wetherspoons has set out plans to add up to fifteen new pubs to its roster next year as the firm continues to post strong sales figures across food and gaming.   In its Q3 financial report, the pub chain revealed that total sales were up 5.6 percent against the same period last year, and 5.3 percent on a like-for-like basis. In...

Never mind the ‘bollocks’: Spoons buoyed by gaming machine gain

Wetherspoons revenue Tim Martin
Fruities enjoyed a hefty surge in business according to the latest annual figures from Spoons, as CEO Tim Martin continues to shrug off remainer Brexit..

Gaming revenue up at Spoons, but don’t mention the B word

Gaming revenue, increase, Wetherspoons, financials
Machine income at Wetherspoons was up by nearly 6 per cent in the second half of last year - according to the pubco’s latest financial report. That metric fit into a wider picture of revenue upturn, with total sales up 6.3 per cent on the 2017 comparative, to £889.6m. Nevertheless, pre-tax profit was actually down by 19 percent to £50.3m, a...

Wetherspoons denied machine licence in Birmingham

Regional regulatory authorities have shot-down plans for a fifth AWP at the Arthur Robertson in Birmingham. Pub and play-time do not go together under this regime. Local legislators in Birmingham are adamant that the addition of an extra Cat C gaming machine at a local Wetherspoons pub will cause havoc amongst pub-goers. Management at the Arthur Robertson pub - embedded within...

Butlins among big names mentioned as meat crisis grows

meat butlins
Butlins, Yates and the Slug & Lettuce are among the big names that have been pulled into the meat hygiene crisis.   The crisis, which started with Wetherspoons withdrawing Russell Hume meat from its outlets during its popular steak night, has now escalated with concerns the public wasn’t alerted until 12 days after the Food Standards Agency discovered problems. Watch...

Wetherspoon’s Tim Martin: “A budget for dinner parties”

Coinslot - Wetherspoon Tim Martin budget
Wetherspoons chief executive, Tim Martin, took the opportunity granted by the release of the pubco’s financial results to give his, less than positive, thoughts on the Chancellor’s recent budget speech.   The biggest danger to the pub industry is the continuing tax disparity between supermarkets and pubs, in respect of VAT and business rates. As previously indicated, we understand the need for...

Martin rubbishes Brexit slump on strong ‘spoons performance

Coinslot Tim Martin Wetherspoons
With positive financial figures from his nation-spanning pubco at his back, Tim Martin has once again issued a salvo against Brexit critics. Off the back of strong interim results, Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has reiterated his backing of the Brexit process and called for a most positive outlook on the process of the UK leaving the European Union. The pubco has...

Wetherspoons vs. Greene King on Brexit outlook

Coinslot Tim Martin Wetherspoons
Outspoken Wetherspoons MD, Tim Martin, has continued beating the pro-Brexit drum post-referendum, in contrast to rivals Greene King who are warning of difficult times ahead for the pub sector. Two of the country’s largest pubco’s, both with a strong connection to the gaming machine industry, have entered a war of words over the impact of Brexit. JD Wetherspoons and Greene...