Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Paolo Sidoli: “Rides are becoming as important an attraction as a pusher, crane or redemption pieces”

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines EAG 2022 rides
Paolo Sidoli, MD of SB Machines, explains that rides are playing an increasingly important role for amusement arcades and FECs, while the company will be on hand at EAG to present its latest multiseat innovations, Kangaroo Carousel, Hot Air Balloon and Wave Patrol.

SB Machines’ Kangaroo Carousel and Wave Patrol stand out from the crowd at ACOS 2021

SB Machines Kangaroo Carousel ACOS
SB Machines is using ACOS 21 to showcase Kangaroo Carousel and the all new Wave Patrol among a stand of the best of Italian coin operated rides.

Wave Patrol: The children’s ride that easily earns its £2 per play

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines Wave Patrol £2 play
With artful aesthetic, varied sound affects and complex movements, Wave Patrol represents a new breed of children’s ride providing the high quality amusements experience that parents are willing to pay £2 per play for. Debuting the new ride at ACOS this month, SB Machines’ managing director Paolo Sidoli believes Wave Patrol will set down a new standard for the children’s ride market.

SB Machines’ Wave Patrol ready for ACOS debut

SB Machines Wave Patrol Childrens Ride
After months of hard work preparing its latest children’s ride, SB Machines has announced that Wave Patrol will be ready for exhibitors to see for the very first time at ACOS 21.

SB Machines to launch Wave Patrol at ACOS 2021

SB Machines Wave Patrol New Release
SB Machines has been assembling an exciting new launch ahead of ACOS 2021 in the form of Wave Patrol, a mini-wheel children’s ride that puts kids in the driving seat of a classic camper van.