Monday, November 29, 2021

Tag: VR arcade

IMAX set to expand entertainment offering with VR arcades

Coinslot - IMAX VR
The company best known for its gigantic cinema screens, IMAX, has trialled a new product that’s much, much smaller: virtual reality headsets.   Making the announcement at its latest earnings conference, IMAX hailed its virtual reality arcade experiment in Los Angeles, California as a success. In its first quarter results report, the entertainment technology company said it had “agreed with partners to...

Virtual Reality in real life at Cali conference

Coinslot - Cali conference VR Arcade
This year’s VR Arcade Conference at the AMD Centre in California has announced it will take place on 3-4 April.   With Virtual Reality arcades slowly gaining popularity across the UK, curious operators may want to attend to VR Arcade Conference at the AMD Centre in Sunnyvale, California on 3-4 April. This is the best business conference for VR/AR arcades and the...

VR arcade receives overwhelming response in Edinburgh

Coinslot VR Arcade
Two business partners have opened Scotland’s first VR arcade in Edinburgh, with locals responding positively to this new brand of high street venue. Edinburgh welcomed its first Virtual Reality arcade, E-VR, to Ocean Terminal shopping centre on 1 December with much enthusiasm from visitors. Owner Peter Burnett said: “The early response from the public has been overwhelming, partially because we are...