Monday, December 6, 2021

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Karen Cooke: The tech at EAG & VAE to be ‘cutting-edge’

Coinslot EAG Karen Cooke
It’s all down to the EAG Expo next week as the industry assembles for its most important business outing of the year. Organiser Karen Cooke, a veteran of industry trade exhibitions, talks to Coinslot about the development of the Bacta flagship event, and why this year, more than any other, it’s a show not to miss. How has EAG evolved...

EAG 2017 report – BALPPA: EAG VAE setting the tone for a busy year

Coinslot BALPPA Visitor Attraction Expo
The Visitor Attraction Expo partnered with EAG for its third edition this year, once more showcasing a wide variety of products from the burgeoning  leisure market. Coinslot spoke to Paul Kelly, CEO of BALPPA, about the growth of the sector. The UK entertainment industry saw a productive year in 2016, with an upturn in domestic tourism a driving force. With...

Feedback and resilience core of EAG’s success

Coinslot EAG Karen Cooke
Karen Cooke, the woman behind the EAG Expo, reveals how stakeholder feedback goes into making a show which provides an unparalleled forum for industry discussion - which will be all the more important in this year of Triennial results. For EAG organiser Karen Cooke, the show only exists to support the industry it serves and so it’s no surprise to hear...

Synergy is the key for EAG International and Visitor Attraction Expo

Coinslot EAG VAE Karen Cooke
Swan Events’ Karen Cooke explains why staging EAG International and the Visitor Attraction Expo together is beneficial to all. Organisers of January’s EAG International and the co-located Visitor Attraction Expo (17-19 ExCeL, London) believe there are tangible benefits of staging the two shows together.  Karen Cooke, of Swan Events explained: “Historically, things were simple, if you were in the amusements...

Coin-op industry begins EAG preparations

Coinslot EAG Expo
On 17-19 January, 2017 thousands of amusements and attractions industry professionals will follow a long tradition by braving the English winter and making the journey to ExCel London for EAG International and the co-located Visitor Attraction Expo (VAE). For those attending, the shows provide one of the year’s best opportunity to meet up with colleagues to discuss the previous year’s...