Sunday, November 28, 2021

Tag: Virtual reality arcade

York couple hopes to launch city’s first VR arcade

The roll-out of pay-to-play VR continues unabated, as a pair of gaming enthusiasts prepare to bring the very latest in entertainment technology to the ancient city of York A couple of intrepid souls from York are hoping to make waves in the leisure industry’s most cutting-edge sub-sector this year, having submitted plans to open the city’s first virtual-reality arcade. Kate Nolton...

Engage! Holodecks inspire Player Ready launch in Cornwall

Player Ready Online
Cornwall’s second virtual reality arcade - Player Ready - opened its doors last month, with owner Stephen Parkinson outlining both his inspiration for the VR venue, and the challenges he faced in making it operational. Inspired by the Holodecks in Star Trek TNG, a new virtual reality arcade has opened its doors in Pool, Cornwall, with the operator teaming up...