Saturday, November 27, 2021

Tag: Viewpoint

Amalgamate or we will wither on the vine, argues former Bacta national president

Nick Harding former Bacta President
The new Betting and Gaming Council has done just that; now key influencers, among those a former Bacta president Nick Harding, believe the amusements and..

NSM Music’s Alex Kirby: Staying current is key

Coinslot NSM Music Alex Kirby
NSM Music’s Alex Kirby goes in depth on what his company is offering the current crop of jukebox operators.   Coinslot: How can operators ensure that their jukeboxes continue to generate revenue all year round?                                                    Alex Kirby: We need to use the ever-changing technology to best effect. Our Icon Storm was a great example of a jukebox design that was a...