Monday, May 16, 2022

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Commission cracks down on online player verification

Commission, cracks down, online player, verification
Changes to the rigour and process time of age and ID verification online will make remote play fairer and safer, says the regulator. The coming spring will see new rules come into play that will force online gambling operators to hasten the speed at which they confirm the identity of their players. The Gambling Commission maintains that its new regulations, which...

AI and the solution to age verification

AI, solutions, age, verification, gambling
Recent concerns voiced over gambling problems amongst kids under-17 has put the creative skills within the industry to test. Among those to make an immediate response was AI identity verification company Jumio which works with a range of leading gambling and gaming customers, including Bet365. Talking to Coinslot recently, Dean Nicolls, head of global marketing confirmed his belief that responsible age...