Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: VAT refund

Working men’s clubs still waiting for HMRC VAT refund

Barry Slasberg HMRC VAT refund delay
After eighteen long months, HMRC is still to pay Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club the money it is owed in VAT refunds, with Barry Slasberg, former secretary of the club, calling out the tax man once again for conduct that is leaving businesses across the country out of pocket.

Decision Day: Deadline for HMRC to appeal VAT tribunal judgement ends next week

HMRC VAT refund appeal deadline
Next week marks the end of the 56 day deadline for HMRC to appeal Judge Sinfield’s decision that VAT was not due on S16/21 and S31/34 machines between 2005 and 2013.

HMRC ‘bad faith’ keeping gaming “minnows” off VAT repayment radar, claims Slasberg

Barry Slasberg HMRC VAT refund fight
The forty year vet of the Working Men’s Club sector says that Her Majesty’s revenue service has made good on VAT repayments to big business, whilst letting smaller players go hand. Barry Slasberg is not interested in pulling punches; his battle - or war - with HMRC certainly brings out the rage.

HMRC VAT Refund: Flutter latest to receive repayment with £14 million heading Paddy’s way

Betfair Chase Flutter HMRC VAT refund
HMRC continues its roll-out of VAT refunds following a tribunal decision against its claim on tax receipts dating back to the turn of the century. The latest in line for the return of monies is Irish gaming juggernaut Flutter.