Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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VANTAGEplus shows Wexel and Leisure Electronics still evolving after 30 years of innovation

Wexel VANTAGEplus
Leisure Electronics’ Chris Shipley knows that suppliers in the UK gaming industry can never stand still nor rest on their laurels. Hence, Wexel and Leisure Electronics launching a pioneering new membership system VANTAGEplus this month in order to help operators face the new challenges of 2020 and beyond. Chris talks to Coinslot about their plans.

Wexel Gaming launches new VANTAGEplus membership system

VANTAGEplus Wexel Gaming
Wexel Gaming are revolutionising the membership loyalty system, bringing player reward, location-based points and enhanced safety features through its new VANTAGEplus app.

Leisure Electronics and Wexel hail “phenomenal” response to VantagePlus

Sean Young Wexel VantagePlus
Bingo specialist Leisure Electronics and its digital-facing sister company Wexel started this year with a forward-looking focus, launching the brand new VantagePlus membership loyalty system at EAG and ICE,