Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Tag: Vale of Glamorgan

Barry Island Pleasure Park settles differences with council

Coinslot - Pleasure park Barry Island
What had looked likely to be a potentially acrimonious difference of opinion over an extension to the revived amusement park’s arcade, Barry Island has been able to avert an escalation of a dispute through a series of discussions.   A dispute between Barry Island Pleasure Park and Vale of Glamorgan Council over an extension to the attraction’s amusement arcade appears to...

Council “hypocritical” on Barry Island arcade ruling

Coinslot - Pleasure park Barry Island
The battle over the Pleasure Park extension rambles on, but one thing is certain Henry Danter is gaining support in his dispute with the council. Now, one of Barry Island’s distinguished voices has leapt to the amusement park’s defence, recommending that Danter be honoured for helping to regenerate the resort.   The Vale of Glamorgan Council has been branded ‘hypocritical’ over...

Barry Island Pleasure Park boss angered after extension ruling

South Wales operator Henry Danter is understandably concerned after a council recommendation left the future of his extended amusement arcade in some doubt.   The owner of Barry Island Pleasure Park has expressed his disappointment after planning officers gave the go-ahead for the removal of an extension to its amusement arcade. Henry Danter had refuted a Vale of Glamorgan Council report that...