Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Johnson announces vaccine passport for nightclubs

Vaccine passport nightclubs
In what Night-Time Industries Association boss Michael Kill calls “yet another chaotic U-turn”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the government’s intention to implement a vaccine passport for nightclubs - and potentially for pubs. Anyone else on conveyor belt?

UK vaccine passport plans on course to be shelved in face of business opposition

Covid Vaccine passport card
Once considered a pet project of the government, sources are now briefing against a law change to mandate the use of vaccine passports within the UK.

Vaccine passports not expected for pub sector

Boris Johnson Pub no vaccine passport
As test events continue and the government’s review of reopening remains ongoing, the Prime Minister has reportedly been convinced that vaccine passports are not the way forward for pubs and restaurants. But, in keeping with the government’s propensity to leak one thing and do the opposite, the leisure and hospitality industry remains none the wiser.