Monday, August 8, 2022

Tag: V5 kit

Toby Hoyte: “Making ‘older better’ with the V5”

TouchTunes Soundnet v5 kit
Toby Hoyte, Sales & Marketing Director at TouchTunes Soundnet, talks to Coinslot about turning old into gold - in his case through their V5 kit which is upgrading older jukeboxes with the bonus of the Milestone in Music package.

Hopes are high for sustaining growth well into 2022, says Toby Hoyte, but ‘no more closures or lockdowns’

Toby Hoyte Soundnet TouchTunes 2021 review
With jukebox levels on track with March 2020 and a ‘fantastic’ 100 Angelina order at ACOS, a new V5 kit launched, it’s been a pretty hectic return to action for Soundnet TouchTunes. Toby Hoyte talks us through all these milestones plus the prospect of a new face at EAG and ‘new responsibilities’ for the man himself.