Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Bongo’s Bingo set to break America

Bongo's Bingo set to break America
The founder of Bongo’s Bingo has revealed his intention to premier the concept in America, following sold out stints for the irreverent event in Ibiza, Dubai, Australia and across the UK.

Shipping crisis: Where America leads, will Europe follow?

Shipping port John Stergides Supply Chain
There’s nothing like a good news story, and this one is nothing like a good news story. Electrocoin’s John Stergides continues to monitor the choppy waters of the global shipping crisis and its impact on the supply chain. And whilst he’s not going overboard, he’s desperate for someone to throw the industry a life buoy.

Trade dispute results in 25 per cent tariff on games imported from the US

Trade war dispute
A long-standing trade dispute between the European Union and the United States has caught the amusements industry in the cross-fire making games unsaleable. How do you fancy a 25 per cent rise in machine prices?

DIY theme parks the next trends for toddlers?

Coinslot - DIY theme park media watch
In trans-Atlantic related news, a two-year-old girl in the States has had her very own theme park built for her by her grandfather.   According to the Independent, Jimmy White, from Decatur, Texas, lives next door to his granddaughter, but had decided this proximity was not quite enough to strengthen their fledgling family relationship. When he found out that Sophia was on...