Thursday, January 27, 2022

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UDC announces In-House Showcase with over 60 new machines for 2021

UDC new showroom
After several weeks of meticulous planning, UDC has unveiled its new showroom facility in west London’s Park Royal, where over 60 brand new products await the keen eyes of operators looking to get prepared for the industry’s big comeback next year.

East Coast Amusement Show goes to Washington

Coinslot - ECAS East Coast Amusement Show Washington
Both Washington and Skegness hosted this year’s ECAS events, signalling the growing scope and popularity of the trade show.   This year’s East Coast Amusement Show featured a Washington edition alongside its usual Skegness event, marking the first time the trade show took place in the north east. The Newcastle Mercure Hotel in Washington held the inaugural north east edition of ECAS,...

ECAS set to expand into North East territory

Coinslot - ECAS
ECAS started back in 2010 and has been supported by various exhibitors over the years, with the United Distributing Company being the central force behind the event each year.   The East Coast Amusement Show was the brainchild of Michael Green, UDC sales director, who wanted a way to bring new products to the attention of operators on the east coast...

East Coast Amusement Show goes to Washington

Coinslot - East Coast Amusement Show
New for 2017, the East Coast Amusement Show has expanded to include Washington, near Newcastle, as well as its traditional home of Skegness. Michael Green of UDC tell us all about the show.   Why and when did ECAS start? ECAS started back in 2010 after we’d been asked by many of our customers on the east coast if we could show...

UDC explores the full spectrum of redemption games

Coinslot - UDC Matt Bland Redemption market
Matt Bland of the UDC (United Distributing Company) presents a detailed look into the redemption business.   Which redemption games have been the most successful over the past twelve months for UDC? We’ve been very happy with the entire range for 2016, especially games such as Chaos!, Tower of Tickets, Pieces of Eight, Tower of Terror Roll-down and Fishbowl Frenzy. All of...