Sunday, November 28, 2021

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UDC brings full-feature range to ACOS to place operators “front of the queue”

UDC boasted something for everyone at ACOS 2019, offering FEC operators a range of new and popular products aimed at providing entertainment for..

East Coast Amusement Show this week

UDC east coast amusement show 2019
The East Coast Amusement Show is to bring the eyes of the industry to north east this week.

ECAS less than three weeks away

UDC - ECAS East Coast Amusement Show
The United Distributing Company is gearing up for its two-part East Coast Amusement Show, which will be opening doors in less than three weeks.

Green identifies UDC’s redeeming features

Coinslot - UDC Green Monster Drop Chaos Michael
Redemption is booming, if UDC’s order book is anything to go by, as Michael Green lays out what machines are the most popular with operators.   The redemption game market is going from strength to strength, according to Michael Green, sales director at the United Distributing Company (UDC). “2016 was a great year for sales of redemption games, redemption game income and...

UDC: Redemption is a growing business in Ireland

Coinslot UDC Joshua Hurst Ireland trade regulation iata
UDC are looking forward to giving customers more attention at the Irish Gaming Show and showcasing their latest redemption games.   Following a successful exhibition at EAG, the United Distributing Company(UDC) are bringing their wide range of redemption games and pushers to the upcoming Irish Gaming Show, hoping to reconnect with customers that attended the show in London. Joshuan Hurst, sales executive...

United Distributing Company – Bringing out all the game changers

Coinslot UDC United Distributing Company Lara Croft
UDC is prepared for another successful year of redemption games, featuring a wide new selection of games to fill every FEC. According to London’s United Distributing Company, things continue to look bright in the redemption game market for 2017. Feedback from customers and sales figures show that 2016 was a bumper year for redemption games and the number of paper...