Monday, December 6, 2021

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Covid certification extension in Scotland could see more than 75 percent of hospitality businesses close, claims research

hospitality scotland covid certification
The hospitality sector in Scotland has issued a stark warning about the impact of extending vaccine certification as UKHospitality Cymru issues cautious welcome to the mood music coming out of the Senedd.

Reduced VAT petition gains over 2,000 signatures

Reduced VAT petition gains over 2000 signatures
A petition calling on the Chancellor to retain the current 12.5 percent VAT rate for the hospitality industry beyond its April deadline has gathered more than 2,000 signatures.

UKHospitality Scotland warns against expansion of COVID passports

Scotland hospitality warns against expansion covid passports
Don’t kick the night time economy when’s it down is the plea coming out of Scotland’s leading hospitality body.

UKHospitality Scotland urges Holyrood Government to extend Business Rate Relief

UK Hospitality Scotland urges extention Business Rates Relief
The Scottish hospitality sector is looking south of the border and wants a similar response to discounted business rates.

Autumn Budget Industry Response

industry response Autumn Budget ©UK Parliament_Jessica Taylor
It wasn’t worth waiting up all night for Santa but Bacta did take some positives from the chancellor’s budget statement. Business rates reduction, beer duty freeze and the prospect of extra cash percolating around the system are all good for the sector. But still no MGD cut which is really what the industry needs.

Chancellor walking tall despite a budget falling short on industry demands

Rishi Sunak budget speech
Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered a confident Autumn Budget this week pumping more money into the economy in the hope that it will circulate its way around and back into the Treasury.

Trade bodies call on Chancellor to keep VAT at 12.5 percent

Rishi Sunak Trade Bodies call on Chancellor to keep VAT at 12.5 percent
An alliance of leading trade associations has undertaken a large-scale survey of businesses to establish the impact of an increase in VAT and the results don’t make pleasant reading for the government. Keep the rate down, they argue, or risk the recovery of hospitality around the UK.

Scottish Government ignores concerns to vote in favour of Covid passport

Nicola Sturgeon Covid Passports
Scotland has ploughed ahead with Covid passports despite cross-party criticism and concerns from the hospitality sector, but will they follow English U-turn?

Mark Jepp: When the government speaks don’t believe a word

Mark Jepp Majestic Bingo government dont believe a word
The breakdown in trust between government and the business community is plumbing new depths as Majestic MD Mark Jepp demonstrates.

GDP figures shows how hospitality sector is driving the UK’s economic recovery, but at a £100 billion cost

Wellington Pier UK Hospitality data economic recovery
Leading trade body UKHospitality has been consistent in its view that the industry has the power to drive a broader economic recovery. While the figures confirm that view, the association is asking for government assistance to sustain the recovery.

Government releases the pingdemic pressure point but the cost has already been heavy

Test and trace hospitality pingdemic pressure
Whether it’s the government or the NHS, the stubborn mule that’s been resisting change to the self isolation pings has finally been forced to relax the criteria. Contact with Covid cases has been reduced from five days to two, drawing a universal sigh of relief from all around the hospitality sector.

Hospitality bodies join Llandudno Pier’s call for compassion

Llandudno Pier staff hospitality
UKHospitality Cymru and North Wales Tourism have called for “patience and tolerance” from hospitality customers, after Llandudno Pier spoke out about increasing abuses on staff.

Sector to play lead role in high street recovery

Kate Nicholls UKHospitality high street regeneration
The government has unveiled a strategy that places hospitality and leisure at the heart of high street regeneration - is it at last taking the sector seriously and how to turn words into actions?

Don’t put us in the frame for rising infection levels!

Off the Record Covid Passports Kate Nicholls Tim Martin
What’s with the fetish for Covid Passports, why government should listen to Kate Nicholls very carefully and how Tim Martin is countering dogma with the facts.

Test and trace causes havoc for hospitality as hundreds of venues forced to close

Test and trace hospitality business closed
The British version hit the streets this week as Test and Trace pinged thousands of self isolate notices to staff members at pubs and restaurants.

Bacta: The benefit of being part of something bigger

Keir Starmer and the Bolloms Bacta
Getting the industry voice heard amongst the cacophony of demands on government, pandemic or no pandemic, is why trade associations like Bacta are essential in today’s business landscape.

Hiring crisis intensifies with labour shortage driving wages up across hospitality

Hiring crisis hospitality wages bar staff
It’s a perfect storm for hospitality as job insecurity combined with flaws in post- Brexit immigration laws threaten profitable recovery.

On the house: Hospitality leaders demand support for roadmap delay that will cost pubs £400m and the wider sector over £1 billion

Hospitality Leaders demand support for roadmap delay
Trade bodies, including BBPA and UKHospitality, have written to the Prime Minister to explain how “bitterly disappointed” they are by the delay to reopening, which will cost pub sector alone £400m. The rest of the hospitality sector losses could well push this over the billion pound mark.

UKHospitality urges firms in England to prepare for new business rates payments

Business Rates bills UKHospitality
Companies are being urged to contact local authorities to attempt to negotiate discretionary discounts or adjusted payment plans with rates bills due to arrive in weeks. They'll have to start soon, the council demand letters are beginning to arrive in the post

Bacta joins UKHospitality

Bacta joins UK Hospitality as an affiliate member
Bacta has placed one of the final pieces into the hospitality jigsaw, officially drawing the amusements and gaming industry into the broader tourist, leisure and entertainment sector

Hospitality and Tourism APPG launches consultation on towns and cities

Hospitality Tourism Southend
The industry is being encouraged to contribute its views on the future of Britain’s high streets with the APPG for Hospitality and Tourism opening a written consultation as part of its new inquiry ‘After the Vaccine - Saving the UK’s Town and City Centres Post COVID-19’.

Osmond pulls no Punches in criticism of government’s attitude to hospitality

Hugh Osmond Punch Taverns hospitality
The relationship between hospitality and the government has soured with leading industry figures asking to see the data informing the decision-making. Leading the charge is Punch founder Hugh Osmond.

Response to Budget 2021 – part 2

Budget 2021 response Cashino Bromley
For Gauselmann UK’s General Manager Sascha Blodau, the decision to steer away from tax increases is the biggest plus in the chancellor’s budget this week. The extension of furlough and business rates relief also run very high on his checklist.

Regal MD supports industry calls for joined-up approach to pub re-opening

Matt Bicknell Regal Gaming Pub
Matt Bicknell is urging the government to abandon any plans it might have to open pub gardens ahead of indoor seating and argues for the reinstatement of the sector’s machine income at the earliest opportunity.

“No surprise” hospitality venues are not Covid hotspots

Hospitality data not Covid hotspot
UKHospitality has responded to data presented by health experts that hospitality isn’t a major Covid transmission risk as “no surprise,” hailing the lengths venues have gone to to protect staff and customers.

Industry calls on government to deliver life-saving funds to supply chain before it’s too late

supply chain Dransfield van
If proof were needed of the serious troubles facing the hospitality and amusements sector supply chain, then the 20 personal experiences shared in this week’s Coinslot tells it all

Britain on the brink of a double-dip recession as hospitality bears the brunt

Kate Nicholls UKHospitality brink double dip recession
First to close and last to re-open, hospitality must be prioritised in order to power the economic bounce-back.

Debate for hospitality minister held, but how many businesses will fall before decision is made?

Scottish Parliament UKHospitality Scotland
Cross-party support in Westminster highlights the importance of hospitality and more help is required on both sides of the border as UKHospitality Scotland warns that financial package will not stop businesses going to the wall.

BBPA warns of “Mayday” crisis if pub closures extend to spring

Pubs shutdown BBPA crisis
The British Beer and Pub Association has warned of pubs being “lost for good” if Westminster imposed a shutdown until May without additional funding.

Jason Frost: 2020 – Remembering a year to forget

Jason Frost EUROMAT president
It’s been a disaster of a year which is likely to have a long-lasting impact on the industry and on players many of whom have been pushed or have migrated online.