Monday, December 10, 2018
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ALMR praises government for flexible work reforms

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The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers has responded positively to the government’s Good Work Plan but called for a greater clarity on the provisions provided.   The UK government believes it has taken the first steps in addressing the challenges of the rapidly-changing modern work economy with the publishing of an employment regulation roadmap. The Good Work Plan comes as a...

For King and country: Tourism deserves it’s own ministry, says industry boss

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Campaign to Cut Tourism VAT chairman Dermot King has stated that tourism in the United Kingdom deserves its own ministry as the Butlins managing director looks to follow the Republic of Ireland’s example.   Dermot King, Butlins managing director and vice chairman of the BHA, and has stated that the tourism sector deserves its own ministry as he looks to lead...

UK business leaders: Brexit transition essential

boris johnson essential
  A group of UK business leaders invited to Downing Street told prime minister Theresa May that a transition period following Brexit was absolutely essential.   The statement from the collection of around 10 industry luminaries follows close on the heels of France and Germany shooting down any misplaced hopes of Britain fast-tracking talks on reaching a transition deal. One attendee told press...