Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Rank CEO urges return of “logic” in regulation

Rank John OReilly
Rank Group CEO John O’Reilly has urged legislators to recall the “logic” which prompted the 2005 Gambling Act, warning against the impact of “rabid extremes” in decision making.

London calling!

Alex Pratt ICE London
Alex Pratt, Group Managing Director at Clarion Gaming, heralds the return of the world’s most comprehensive business-to-business gaming exhibition, underlines why London is the most popular host city, explains how he believes ICE can serve as a shop window on the industry and issues an open invitation to Coinslot readers to let him know what they would like to see on the ICE show floor.

Perspective: IDS is watching You!

Iain Duncan Smith Perspectives
Perhaps there exists somewhere a ‘sliding doors’ alternative universe where Iain Duncan Smith resisted internal party wrangling, demonstrated hidden depths of charismatic competence and led the Conservative Party to power in the 2005 General Election, mulls Paul Leyland of Regulus Partners. If so, it seems likely that the State might now resemble something between the Rule of the Major-Generals and George Orwell’s Airstrip One.

“Is it time for a new act?”: Whittingdale addresses future of UK gambling

John Whittingdale speech Bacta AGM
Former DCMS secretary and MP candidate for Malden, John Whittingdale, took to the Bacta AGM stage to outline the potential future of amusements in the..

Gam Com conference envisions UK gambling as “the safest in the world”

Gam Com conference, UK gambling, Neil McArthur, Gambling Commission
Speaking at the Gambling Commission’s Raising Standards Conference the body’s CEO, Neil McArthur called on the industry to engage in a race to the top in regards to customer safety, and insodoing setting (more) standards for a world class industry. The second outing of the Gambling Commission’s Raising Standards Conference at Birmingham’s ICC saw the regulator’s chief executive call for...

Everything counts or just can’t get enough, says Dan Waugh

gambling commission
In it’s Winning Post blog last month, Regulus Partners’ Dan Waugh questioned how much licensees trust the Gambling Commission. As those great sages of 1980s pop, Depeche Mode once sang, much in life boils down to a question of trust. The regulatory establishment issued a test of the gambling industry’s trust by putting operators on notice that requests for...