Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Elaut confirms UDC as UK distributor

UDC Exclusive UK distributor Elaut games
The London based amusement games distributor UDC has been awarded exclusive distributorship of Elaut games for the UK market in order to provide sales and service for customers across the region.

“The mood, from suppliers to operators, was buoyant…”

Paul Monkman talks about ACOS
Paul Monkman, Gaming & Service Director, Luxury Leisure Talarius Ltd and RAL Ltd, spent two days surveying the ACOS horizons and he was impressed with the industry’s return to action. He talks to Coinslot about the show, the products and what lies ahead.

Pearl Fishery, Nitro Speed and Sky Riders headline for UDC in London

Mark Horwood UDC ACOS 2021 Sky Riders
Pearl Fishery, Nitro Speed and Sky Riders were the stars of the show on UDC’s ACOS stand, with operators more eager to get their orders in early in preparation for next season.

Sky Riders, Nitro Speed and Toy Box Crane to headline UDC’s ACOS stand

Jonathan Lauder Sales Director UDC
In potentially limited availability due to the global shipping crisis, UDC’s new video games Sky Riders and Nitro Speed will be at the top of many attendee lists for an early preview at this year’s ACOS, with sales director Jonathan Lauder emphasising the great feedback they have received from operators so far.

ACOS ready to return to action

ACOS show floor
It's only a matter of days until the coin-op industry gathers together for the first time since the middle of January 2020, and the ACOS organisers are looking forward to the prospect.

Stergides: Government needs to lend its support during the container crisis

Shipping Container Crisis John Stergides Electrocoin
Electrocoin’s John Stergides has been in the industry long enough to recognise a crisis, and the shipping container troubles is a crisis sailing right towards the UK’s ports. But, he says, the government can help calm the waters.

International shipping crisis poses serious threat to amusements game supplies

International Shipping crisis
As if the supply chain hasn’t been hit hard enough, news this week of shipping delays increasing into months and container costs trebling has added further fears to the stability of the sector. The prospect of extended delays for new machines coming into the country and an increase in prices is now a serious concern to the distribution line, and one which could possibly run through to the end of the year.

Bacta confirms support for EAG expo with plans for “significant investment”

Bacta EAG investment
Bacta has stepped up to kick-start the industry’s trading recovery from what will effectively be 18 months stalled on the sidelines. The trade association has announced a major investment in its January B2B exhibition, support which should ensure the biggest assembly for the UK amusements industry in decades.

Budget 2021 Response – part 5

Budget response Blackpool Light
Like many, industry consultant Debbie Bollard is disappointed at the lack of support for the supply chain. But she finds heart in the super reduction initiative which could kick-start the product sales and manufacturing sector for the next few years.

A budget of boom and bust: A bit of boom for operators, and a supply chain with credible fears of going bust

Rishi Sunak Budget speech
Every chancellor expects a good kick-in after delivering a Budget Statement, but while Rishi Sunak was able to throw enough money at the rabble to soften the blows, there were still hefty punches to be landed

UDC distributing Nitro Speed from Ace Amusement

UDC distribute Nitro Speed
UDC has announced a new redemption release for 2021 - Nitro Speed - a four-player racing game from long-term supplier partner Ace Amusements.

Horwood: “We have noticed an increase in enquiries and orders”

Mark Horwood UDC Roadmap to recovery
The roadmap is a ‘massive boost’, says Mark Horwood of UDC. But it doesn’t mask the discrepancies in the government support schemes, which for the next ten weeks will be crucial. Top of the list for the machines distributor is consistent application of the VAT cut across the sector.

The road to recovery: A year of breadcrumbs

re-open views James Anderson Sam Coleman John Stergides Jonathan Lauder Justin Burke John White
When the doors do finally re-open for business and things start getting back to normal, what kind of normal are we looking at? Bacta has been courting the views of its Division 4 members on what the industry has experienced and how they view the road to recovery. Steph Norbury talks to five key people in the distribution line.

China express: UDC freight ‘on track’ for new season

UDC rail freight China
United Distributing Company managing director Mark Horwood told Coinslot that the company was now transporting containers from China to the UK via rail freight

‘BACTA have worked tirelessly to keep our industry in the sights of government’

Mark Horwood UDC 2020 Review
As the most challenging year UDC has encountered. It’s the first time in forty years I’ve spent Easter sitting at home. UDC had a full order book going into the season, with a great range of equipment that wowed everyone in January. Then, the pandemic, a nightmare scenario engulfed the world and the UK entertainment and hospitality industries came to an abrupt halt.

UDC announces In-House Showcase with over 60 new machines for 2021

UDC new showroom
After several weeks of meticulous planning, UDC has unveiled its new showroom facility in west London’s Park Royal, where over 60 brand new products await the keen eyes of operators looking to get prepared for the industry’s big comeback next year.

Trade dispute results in 25 per cent tariff on games imported from the US

Trade war dispute
A long-standing trade dispute between the European Union and the United States has caught the amusements industry in the cross-fire making games unsaleable. How do you fancy a 25 per cent rise in machine prices?

UDC’s Pearl Fishery pusher gets five stars from Funstation

UDC Pearl Fishery Funstation
UDC visited Funstation in Castleford, Yorkshire recently to follow up on the installation of its coinless pusher, Pearl Fishery.

UDC reports ‘hot ticket sales’ since industry re-opening

UDC redemption tickets
The United Distributing Company has reported that it has been delivering ‘many more redemption tickets’ than expected during July and August with visitors returning to arcades, particularly at seaside resorts.

UDC focus on helping players play safe and stay safe

UDC Bonel Chua
The United Distributing Company has added a new feature to many of its games to provide important health and safety information to customers during the attract mode.

“Luckily we are a robust industry, one that is always innovating and looking to new opportunities”

Mark Horwood UDC
UDC are closely following the UK Government guidelines and carefully following industry advice in readiness to re-opening. Our plan is to re-open once the government have granted permission for FEC’s to open so that we are able to support our customers from day one.

Park Avenue Open Day postponed as Covid-19 takes its toll

Park Avenue open day postponed
Hosted jointly by Electrocoin and the UDC, the industry calendar fixture has been deferred due to concerns over the safety of guests during the Coronavirus crisis.

“Our focus is on returning”: UDC looks to keep business building during lockdown

Mark Horwood UDC
With amusement supply firms across the world faced with an uncertain future, UDC managing director Mark Horwood spoke to Coinslot in an exclusive interview, sharing his experience of maintaining routine, and practical ways to keep business running during closure.

UDC hits the spot with EAG debuts

UDC Fast Gunman
The United Distributing Company has brought two impressive new products to the EAG floor; the single player Fast Gunman shooting game and the Carnival..

United Distributing Company: Stacking up nicely

UDC Toy Stack Crane
UDC has just announced its new “Toy Stack” double decker crane this month, which can be seen on their stand at EAG 2020. Designed with clean crisp lines..

All killer, no filler: Shooters, redemption and cranes lead the way for UDC

Jonathan Lauder UDC redemption cranes
Despite feeling that the industry is currently being held back by regulations, UDC sales director Jonathan Lauder has been pleased with the feedback UDC..

UDC appoints Jonathan Lauder as sales director

UDC appoint Jonathan Lauder
The United Distributing Company has announced the appointment of Jonathan Lauder as the company’s new sales director. Lauder brings with him a wealth of..

UDC brings full-feature range to ACOS to place operators “front of the queue”

UDC boasted something for everyone at ACOS 2019, offering FEC operators a range of new and popular products aimed at providing entertainment for..

Zombie Crisis reaches UK shores

UDC Zombie Crisis redemption
Zombie Crisis, the new two-player redemption unit from Ace Amusements, and distributed by industry veterans UDC, will receive its UK debut at ACOS.

UDC: ‘Planning for 2020 with optimism, experience and expertise’

Mark Horawood UDC 2020 planning ACOS
The focus is on the future at UDC comments managing director Mark Horwood. The company is already shaping its 2020 line-up and will be debuting a number..