Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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The industry must be allowed to innovate, says Bacta CEO John White

Industry, triennial, Bacta, innovation
Costs are rising, stakes and prizes have remained stagnant, and the high-street economy is struggling. In the next gaming review (which, in theory, would be this year), the industry must be given “new categories of machines to allow us to innovate”, says Bacta CEO John White. With dust finally setting on the Triennial Review decision, and stakes and prizes on...

Quentin Stott on the 2017 gaming machine market

Reflex Gaming’s MD, Quentin Stott, gives us his impression of the gaming machine market in 2017 and how his company is leading the charge for contactless technology.   Coinslot: How do you think the gaming machine sector fared during 2016? What are the key challenges facing it in the year ahead? Quentin Stott: 2016 was witness to another year of a changing...

Feedback and resilience core of EAG’s success

Coinslot EAG Karen Cooke
Karen Cooke, the woman behind the EAG Expo, reveals how stakeholder feedback goes into making a show which provides an unparalleled forum for industry discussion - which will be all the more important in this year of Triennial results. For EAG organiser Karen Cooke, the show only exists to support the industry it serves and so it’s no surprise to hear...

Millers Amusements remain hopeful for coastal growth

Coinslot, Miller s Amusements
As an operator who works across both the FEC and AGC markets, Mark Miller has a good sense of the overall coin-op market. He believes that after a steady year of business, the Triennial will spell good news for the industry, but warns redemption machine suppliers that more innovation is needed in the sector.   Millers Amusements saw a rise in...

Bacta reveals near final triennial submission

Coinslot, BACTA
BACTA’s draft submission for the triennial review has been detailed, including calls for higher Cat C stakes and a new sub-category for Cat B.   BACTA has unveiled the catalogue of requests it hopes to present to the DCMS, which includes calls for a new machine category and various raises in stakes and prizes. Although the list still needs to be...