Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Interview call for pub machine history book

Peter Weir book machine history
Author and machine supplier Peter Weir is calling on members of the pub machine manufacturing and supply industry to share memories of the sector between the years of 1968 and 2018 for an upcoming book.

And the Lords said: “There is no need to wait … time for action” on new gambling legislation

social and economic impact gambling lords report
The House of Lords Select Committee report on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry has been released.

Gambling Business Group steps up call for a modernisation programme

Peter Hannibal Gambling Business Group Modernisation
The Gambling Business Group has set the wheels in motion for the formation of a structured package of proposals to modernise the framework within which..

UKGC heralds launch of four-year data drive

The Gambling Commission and its partners are, apparently, still in the dark as to the characteristics of UK problem gambling - as they choose an extended exercise in number-crunching over expediting the passing of common-sense legislation. In the latest move to tighten its grip on the industry, the Gambling Commission will soon reach out to operators throughout the land, in an...

Lucky Star: Making gambling fun again

Since the Triennial announcement, Lucky Star owner Nigel Botelho believes high-street gamblers have lifted their heads up from the FOBT, and began to reconsider the entertainment-focused approach of the AGC. Accurately predicting player behaviour following the Triennial Review decision has been an endeavour for many in the industry, but Nigel Botelho, owner of Lucky Star, has the benefit of a...

Revolving door politics

coinslot FOBT campaign BALPPA
The industry has a new Secretary of State - 26 weeks after welcoming the last one. So, asks Olly Gully, is this what the government meant by ‘strong stable leadership’? You wait ages for a bus and then three come along at the same time. The first was so slow and stuttery it took over half a decade for it to...

Gambling Commission targets Cat D for player protections despite “no compelling evidence”

Neil Mcarthur
After giving provenly harmful FOBTs an easy ride in their recommendations on the Triennial Review, the Gambling Commission is taking an aggressive approach on Cat D machines, calling for player protection measures despite self-confessed lack of evidence. The very same self-described ‘evidence-based’ regulator that suggested a £30 maximum stake on FOBTs - contrary to both statistical data and popular opinion...

UDC: Going the extra mile

Coinslot spoke to Mark Horwood, UDC managing director, about the success of the Park Avenue Open Day. Coinslot: How did ParkAvenue go overall for UDC? Mark Horwood: “We were very happy with how smoothly the day went this year, due to copious planning and preparation. So many people complimented us on the how nice the games, the offices and the building...

Redemption still going strong after Triennial Review

Harbour Amusements
With no movement to stakes and prizes in the latest Triennial Review, operators such as Sean Patrick, owner of Harbour Amusements, and Marcus Kravis, owner of The Arkade in Minehead, have to rely on the continued creativity from manufacturers as well as their own business nous to consistently improve their offer - and to simply protect it from erosion...

Cat C and D stuck at status quo as B3 remains under review

cat c games
In line with expectations following a disappointing consultation document last year, the DCMS has decided not to change stakes and prizes on Cat C, D, B3A/B4 and B3, with the latter remaining under review for additional player protection measures. Cat C, D, B3A/B4 and B3 will remain at their current level of stakes and prizes following a disappointing but expected...

Maximum stake on FOBTs cut to £2

After 13 years of a £100 maximum stake existing on Britain’s high-street, the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has cut the figure to £2, with only a parliamentary vote now standing in the way. The maximum stake on FOBTs will be cut from £100 to £2, the Department of Digital Media and Sport (DCMS) announced last Thursday in...

Northern Showcase continues rise to prominence

Through more than a decade in operation, the Crown Northern Showcase has become a truly national event, comments Crown Leisure managing director, Dean Harding and the 2018 edition that took place on 9-10 May, proved to be as fruitful as ever. Whilst the Crown Northern Showcase is positioned to be an important touch point for the regional market ahead of...

“No question about it”: Triennial Review announcement imminent

Whitehall sign
Last weekend saw further reports from ‘Whitehall sources’ that the maximum stake on FOBTs will be set a £2, with predictions that an announcement will come as early as 10 May. Since the start of the year there has been mixed messages from the media’s inside sources, however more recently the direction of travel has all been heading towards the...

Regional show a rallying point for the industry

Tony Boulton Project regional
Ahead of the Crown Northern Showcase, Project’s managing director Tony Boulton discusses how regional events are an integral touch point for an industry feeling the effects of Triennial disappointment.   Do you think that Category C could be viewed as an essentially dead genre? Absolutely not and as evidence I would point to the really positive response shown by both AGC and...

Little to recommend on amusements from Gambling Commission review

The closest the amusements industry came to stake and prize changes in the Gambling Commission recommendations was a reduction to B3 stakes.   Almost six months after Tim Miller stood on stage at the Bacta Convention and spoke about how much he valued the seaside sector, the Gambling Commission has recommended no stake changes to Cat D in any format, despite...

MPs call Treasury into question over machines tax take

fobt mps jeff smith
In a letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond, MPs Iain Duncan Smith, Carolyn Harris and Ronnie Cowan question the Treasury’s income from FOBTs and ensure doubt is cast on the still- secretive ABB report. MPs Iain Duncan Smith, Carolyn Harris and Ronnie Cowan have penned a letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond detailing the“overwhelming” case to reduce the maximum stakes for FOBTs...

Parliament to guard against any FOBT maximum stake higher than £2

Parliament will not agree to “anything higher than £2” says Sir Peter Bottomley who is prepared to put down a motion allowing a final vote on the future of the maximum stake on FOBTs. Sir Peter Bottomley will lead a parliamentary guard against any government proposal for an FOBT maximum stake higher than £2, with the veteran MP prepared to...

Gambling Commission fails to name specific figure for FOBT stakes, recommends ‘£30 or less’

Coinslot - FOBT stakes statistics review cost commission
Betting companies may breathe a sigh of relief, but ministers could still enforce a £2 maximum stake. In a shocking retreat, the Gambling Commission is to recommend reducing the maximum stake on FOBTs to “£30 or less”, backing away from previous threats of £2. The decision, revealed in today's Times, will bring some relief to bookmakers, who warned cutting stakes too low...

Hancock grilled by MPs on FOBTs

Coinslot Matt Hancock DCMS
  As the gambling industry, and many other interest groups across the country, waits for the DCMS to decide the fate of FOBTs maximum stake, culture secretary Matt Hancock faced hard questioning from MPs in parliament.   Culture secretary Matt Hancock recognised the issue of FOBTs “raises strong emotions in the House and around the country” in parliament on 8 February, as...

FOBT-related problem gambling hits poorest areas hardest, report says

poorest poverty gambling
The cost of problem gambling associated with FOBTs has topped £10m in a dozen local authority districts, and is concentrated in economically deprived areas, new analysis shows.   The Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), an economics consultancy, examined the loss of welfare to problem gamblers who use FOBTs, taking into account the impact on their employment, mental and physical...

DCMS set to cut FOBT stakes to £2

Coinslot Matt Hancock DCMS
  According to a report in The Sunday Times, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is set to announce a £2 maximum stake on FOBTs spearheaded by culture secretary Matthew Hancock.   In the weekend before the final Triennial consultation deadline day, an “ally” of DCMS culture secretary Matt Hancock has stated that FOBT maximum stakes are set to...

Cost of £2 stake to bookmakers lower than claimed

Coinslot - FOBT stakes statistics review cost commission
The cost of a clampdown on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) is being exaggerated, new independent research suggests.   Analysis from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), commissioned by Bacta, the trade association representing the UK amusements sector, shows that the economic impact on bookmakers of lower FOBT stakes could be significantly less than existing estimates have suggested. Its model projects...

Bacta finalises its consultation response

Coinslot - FOBT bacta study academics B2
Two weeks to go and the industry is getting its case ready for the government’s final review of stakes and prizes. It’s a call to arms.   "We are now approaching the end game and Bacta is close to finalising its response to the Consultation Document," confirmed John White, Bacta’s CEO. The UK’s leading trade body for the amusements and gaming industry...

New DCMS leader appointed weeks before final FOBT decision

Coinslot Matt Hancock DCMS
Following a cabinet reshuffle on 8 January, Matt Hancock will be the Secretary of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport - the man that decides the fate of the UK’s high-street gaming landscape.   Matt Hancock, the MP for West Suffolk, has been promoted to Secretary of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) following Monday’s government cabinet reshuffle, and will take the...

RGA urge funding levy to combat problem gambling

Clive Hawkswood rga
The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) has urged the government to change how it funds anti-problem gambling measures, calling the current system “unfit for purpose”.   The association wants a statutory levy introduced to replace the current system in which gambling companies voluntarily funding research into problem gambling, adding that a levy would ensure the National Responsible Gambling Strategy is properly funded. Clive...

How much more B2 negativity must we go through, asks Bingo Association

Coinslot - B2 Miles Baron Bingo Association AGM
  Despite correctly anticipating a lack of stakes and prize changes, the Bingo Association has criticised the DCMS over the B2 maximum stake 12-week consultation period, while also expressing disappointment with its attitude regarding contactless payments.   The Bingo Association has criticised the DCMS’s decision to run a 12-week consultation period regarding the maximum stake of FOBTs, stating that the industry will...

Energy prices soaring as stakes stay the same

energy prices
With energy prices rising approximately 15 percent in the last year, operators in the amusements industry are set to be stuck between a rocketing energy bill and a hard Triennial Review unless cost-savings are conducted.   The cost of energy will continue to rocket “no matter what the government says” as the non commodity portion of the bill is set to...

Triennial: A chance gone begging for high street parity

Ray Stewart, director at CC Leisure, weighs in on the apparent lack of action in the Triennial Review and how standing still may be tantamount to moving backwards in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.   Coinslot: What are your overall opinions on the Triennial Review release? Ray Stewart: “The review is disappointing, because on the one hand Bacta has gone and asked...

Jersey keeping a close eye on UK gambling reforms

jersey channel_islands
The Jersey Gambling Commission will be “following with interest” developments in the UK after the British government proposed to cut maximum stakes on FOBTs.   This week saw the publication of the long-awaited triennial review on the UK gambling industry, which called for stakes to be cut from £100 to between £50 and £2. David Evans, deputy chief officer of the Jersey...

Bacta: Caught up in the toxic B2 backwash

Coinslot Bacta John White
  Trade bodies from the amusements industry and the pub sector expressed their disappointment with the Triennial Review consultation document, which bacta and BALPPA believe shows an industry tainted by “the negative nature of FOBTs”.   Bacta, BALPPA and the BBPA have voiced their disappointment with the lack of stake and prize changes for the amusements industry in the Triennial Review consultation...