Saturday, January 22, 2022

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2022 here we come: The post-pandemic staycation boom is here to stay

Staycation 2022 season
The Great British staycation appears to have left a very good impression on holiday-goers during the 2021 season, with interest for staycations next season already soaring to new heights.

Easing of Covid restrictions sees loosening of purse strings as Brits begin to return to spending ways

Nationwide Spending Report
The easing of Covid restrictions has coincided with a loosening off people’s purse strings, according to data from Nationwide’s latest quarterly Spending Report that shows both essential and non-essential spend have soared.

So where’s the spiralling gambling pandemic? Online playing trends emerge from Covid’s grasp

online gambling trends pandemic
The pandemic has released its grip over online gambling trends as activity steadily decreases back to pre-Covid levels, with major sporting events once again becoming the key driver for increased activity. So, what happened to this wild west gambling spree during Covid?

May sales slip 26 percent at managed pubs, restaurants and bars

Coffer CGA Business Tracker data
Britain’s managed pub, restaurant and bar groups recorded a 26 percent drop in total sales in May from the same month in 2019, the new edition of the Coffer CGA Business Tracker reveals.

All rides powered by play say World of Rides

Coinslot - World of Rides
Three to twelve-year-old children continue to remain one of the biggest single influences in choosing a family holiday or dayout destination, and battery rides remain the single most popular pay-to-play children’s rides in these leisure locations. World of Rides are making certain that they are catching this wave.   World of Rides units are free of any pollutants, terrific fun, hugely...

Innovation in classic kiddie ride concepts

Coinslot - Kiddie Rides World of Rides
David Robinson, general manager, World of Rides, believes that through continual development, kiddie rides have managed to buck trends, and remain a prominent part of the amusement industry.   Why have kiddie rides stayed so enduringly popular? “Static kiddie rides will always be popular with children, as they always want to ride in moving vehicles, without having to pedal or push, and...

Essex Leisure backs Playdium in numbers

Coinslot - Pub summit bacta greg wood essex
TouchTunes' Playdium, recognised as the world's smartest jukebox and the UK's No.1 earning pay-to-play music product, has received a further accolade, with prominent IOA member Essex Leisure scheduling a significant programme of installations.   This commitment follows trials with leading pub retailers and the introduction by TouchTunes of progressive commercial terms including the removal of fixed music costs in favour of...

Escape Rooms coming to Skegness Pier

Escape games skegness
In a bid to attract more adventurous customers, Skegness Pier will be launching escape rooms as its latest attraction, UK Piers Limited has announced.   An export of Asia, escape rooms offer a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles to make it through a maze of rooms. The pier’s rooms will see players given an...

Mumbles highlights the year of the Fidget Spinner

Coinslot - Mumbles Pier Fidget Spinner ameco
Mumbles Pier has reported that one particular redemption prize is in demand more than any other - a trend that appears consistent throughout the UK’s seaside resorts.   The seaside sector’s most sought after prize of the season looks to be already decided - and the winner? The fidget spinner. Out of nowhere, off the back of a patent that expired...

June a boon for operators across industry

Coinslot Operators June
With Easter and May’s bank holidays over, and summer holidays not yet begun, June is traditionally a quiet month for the amusements industry. But with 2017’s tourism boom, operators saw an unusual uptick in footfall last month.   Operators across the country saw a better-than-expected June this year, thanks to rising local tourism numbers and warm weather. “June was really good, better...

Diversity and investments key to new bingo boom

Coinslot - Bingo Investments
Thinking creatively and timely investments have been key factors in the growing popularity of bingo in Britain according to Tom Rush.   Although viewed in some sectors as a passé pastime, the British bingo hall has seen a resurgence in recent years driven by creative diversification and wellplaced investments Britain’s bingo halls have long been a meeting place and a place to...