Monday, December 6, 2021

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‘Unfortunately..we will be increasing our general rates by 10.6 percent”

Paolo Sidoli SB Machines shipping container crisis
It’s the industry equivalent to a Dear John letter, except the relationship isn’t technically over, it’s just much more expensive to continue.

2018: A year of rail disruption for Brighton Pier

Customer traffic to the pier’s arcades and amusement rides were markedly down last year, due in large part to Brighton’s (continuing) rail isolation from the capital. Rail disruptions and poor weather throughout the second half of 2018 were responsible for a markedly subdued bottom line for the Brighton Pier Group in the 26 weeks leading up to December 30 -...

Amusements cities top railcard destinations list

Coinslot - Railcard destinations cities amusement list
The top three most popular seaside destinations for railcard holders are amusements-orientated cities with successful piers, the Rail Delivery Group has revealed.   Brighton, Blackpool and Bournemouth topped the list based on train ticket sales amongst railcard holders during July and August 2016, and are expected to be hugely popular resorts for British holidaymakers this year. All three cities have sizeable amusements...

Beacon Bingo’s Rocky resolves Redcar transport problem

Coinslot - Rocky Richmond Redcar
The Beacon Bingo club in Redcar, North Yorkshire, has made a positive intervention to help address a public transport issue in the seaside resort, which is situated eight miles from Middlesbrough.   Rocky Richmond, Beacon Bingo’s general manager, has launched a free bus service to help customers travel to and from the Esplanade venue, due to the lack of public transport...

Transport problems continue – Southern Fail

Coinslot Rail chaos
The company behind Southern Rail made a huge profit last year, but the government is still bailing out their failing service. Coinslot editor Joseph Ewens is, it’s fair to say, not very happy about it. My regular trips down to Brighton, to the Coinslot editorial offices, are constantly blighted by Southern Rail’s torrid excuse for a transport network. And while...