Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Camelot raises minimum age limit from 16 to 18 on National Lottery products

National Lottery Age restriction
After being accused of ‘abusing its position of privilege’, Camelot has jumped ahead of incoming orders from the DCMS to raise the minimum age limit on National Lottery products to 18.

Pointless appointment? Gambling gains yet another new minister

Helen Whately minister appointment
The industry has yet another new minister responsible for gambling, but as the meltdown of British politics continues unabated - who really cares? After all, Helen Whately

Bacta delegation updates former minister on social responsibility progress

James Miller Bacta social responsibility
Bacta president James Miller and chief executive John White took the opportunity to outline Bacta’s on-going commitment to social responsibility when they..

Minister for sport quits over FOBT stake date

Tracey Crouch MP resigns FOBT Stake
Sports minister Tracey Crouch has resigned her post - amid claims that the “registered interests” of the bookies hold sway over the government’s lagging implementation of reduced betting terminal stakes.

Sports minister Tracey Crouch resigns over FOBT stake reduction delay

Tracey Crouch resigns
Sports minister Tracey Crouch has resigned over "unjustifiable delays" on the reduction of maximum stakes for fixed odds betting terminals. The former minister’s resignation letter stated: "Unfortunately, implementation of these changes are now being delayed until October 2019 due to commitments made by others to those with registered interests. She tweeted: "Politicians come and go but principles stay with us forever." "From...

Minister on brink of quitting over FOBT stake delay

FOBT stake reduction
Tracey Crouch, the Sports & Civil Society Minister, is understood to be considering her position after the Treasury announced a six month delay in the reduction of stakes on fixed odds betting terminals. The Government had previously agreed to slash the stakes on fobts, but the recent budget announced that a reduction will be delayed by six months until October...

White and Miller progress Bacta case in Whitehall

Bacta Whitehall Tracey Crouch
Bacta has followed up its meeting with former Conservative party leader, Iain Duncan Smith, with another appointment at Whitehall, this time with Tracey Crouch MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport and Civil Society. The member for Chatham and Aylesford and the politician with responsibility for the gambling industry in all of its guises, met with Bacta chief executive...

FOBT stake leak branded “fake news” by Tracey Crouch

COinslot - Tracey Crouch FOBTs fake news ireland
It took sport and civil society minister Tracey Crouch little over 12 hours to dismiss reports that Philip Hammond, chancellor of the exchequer, was attempting to “shelve” a review of FOBT maximum stakes.   Last Saturday DCMS minister Tracey Crouch tweeted “fake news” to a report the day previous that the chancellor of the exchequer had blocked efforts to reduce the...

Triennial announcement to come in October “at the earliest”

Coinslot - October Triennial Review Tracey Crouch
Well it was bound to happen. Not the Triennial Review itself, but a delay to it. For an industry used to waiting for certainty on stakes and prizes, it has a further uncertain term pacing up and down like an expectant parent. It could be October, it could be slightly later, but at least the industry is now in...

Gambling Business Group welcome continuity in the DCMS and calls to get triennial ‘back on track’

Nick Harding, Chairman of the Gambling Business Group, has welcomed confirmation that Karen Bradley and Tracey Crouch will continue in their previous roles at the Department for Culture Media & Sport (DCMS) and has called for there to be an urgent meeting involving the industry and the Department in order to get the triennial process back on track. "I’m delighted...

Snap election likely to put Triennial “on backburner”

Coinslot - Election triennial review
With prime minister Theresa May announcing a general election only six weeks away, industry stakeholders suggest the elusive Triennial Review will “almost certainly” be slipping down the agenda.   Industry trade associations have responded positively to the government’s call for a general election on 8 June. A decision on the Triennial Review however, widely thought to have been imminent, could now...

Bacta looking ahead to a co-operative and impactful year

Coinslot John White Bacta
With a wild 2016 in the books, the industry enters a pivotal year and with chief executive John White at the helm, Bacta are looking ahead to a co-operative and impactful year. There’s little denying that 2016 was a tumultuous year for world politics and although we had to wait until its final few months for coin-op to get its...

Crouch confirms spring release

Coinslot, Tracey Crouch, Triennial Review, Ronnie Cowan,
Tracey Crouch has given one of the first public indications that the results of the Triennial Review are expected early next year.   Although most had expected this to be the time frame within which the DCMS would deliver the results of its deliberations, the coin-op industry has had to endure a number of unexpected and lengthy delays on this front...

Comment: Answering the question – Bacta’s report into FOBT stakes

Coinslot FOBTs Triennial Review criticism ABB
It seems to Joseph Ewens that bacta’s new report into FOBT stakes might provide the much sought after tipping point in the governments pivotal review. We shall see, once the Triennial deadline passes, what the various submissions to the DCMS have been and how convincing the evidence they lay out is likely to be. But having been at Parliament this...

Bacta reveals near final triennial submission

Coinslot, BACTA
BACTA’s draft submission for the triennial review has been detailed, including calls for higher Cat C stakes and a new sub-category for Cat B.   BACTA has unveiled the catalogue of requests it hopes to present to the DCMS, which includes calls for a new machine category and various raises in stakes and prizes. Although the list still needs to be...

Crouch under fire in parliament as MPs press for Triennial update

Coinslot Crouch Triennial Review
With the Triennial Review under the limelight in Westminster, MPs round on the DCMS under secretary, and each other, in a chaotic debate over stakes and prizes. The under secretary of state for Culture Media and Sport fielded a series of slings in a short parliamentary debate on Friday, as MPs of all colours grappled with the triennial’s technicalities. Tracey Crouch,...

Bacta present the economic facts on FOBTs to Parliamentary Group

Coinslot bacta John White PPL
Making its case to the movers and shakers in parliament most concerned with taking action FOBTs, bacta will lay out the well-worn reasons why something must be done to address imbalance on the high street. A bacta delegation, comprised of national president, Jason Frost and chief executive, John White, has accepted an invitation to give evidence to the All Party...

Gambling Business Group urges empirical approach to Triennial

Coinslot Peter Hannibal Triennial
Peter Hannibal, CEO of the Gambling Business Group, the strategic body whose members account for close to 70% of Gross Gaming Yield, believes the industry has a 'golden opportunity’ to present a robust and empirically based case, following the call for evidence by DCMS Under-Secretary, Tracey Crouch. In a statement, issued to gambling media, Peter Hannibal said: “Whilst the Triennial...

DCMS launches long-awaited Triennial Review

Coinslot Parliament Triennial
The governmental review of gaming machines stakes and prizes has officially been published today, which analysts suggest could lead to the biggest shake-up of the gambling industry since the 2005 Gambling Act. The UK government has today announced that the Triennial Review – the only legal process whereby the all-important stakes and prizes on gaming machines can be modified –...

ABB defends B2s as potential review looms

Coinslot abb fobt tracey crouch
A chain of events begun by a triennial review brush-off and propelled by Panorama and inquiry rumours has caused the ABB to issue a bullish defence of B2 machines. A question in parliament over FOBT regulations has prompted another round of speculation and mainstream press coverage about the Triennial Review. Things were kicked off last week by Ronnie Cowan, Scottish National...