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Tourism Alliance hammers out new approach for 2020

Tourism Alliance Report
Lobby group the Tourism Alliance published a new report recently outlining a dozen focus points upon which, so it claimed, it would direct its new efforts..

Open all seasons: Council wants to drive year-round business to Lincolnshire coast

council drive business Lincolnshire coast
Amusement arcades and FECs in Lincolnshire’s coastal towns could see a boost in their winter trade as one council launches a bid to drive visitors to the..

Blackpool visitor numbers rise for fourth year running

Blackpool visitor number increasing
A report by independent tourism analyst GTS has revealed that 2018 saw Blackpool enjoy its fourth consecutive rise in annual visitor numbers, with two..

Blackpool’s new Boulevard hotel is a sign of changing times, says Thompson

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Boulevard Hotel
Pleasure Beach dynasty-member Amanda Thompson says a new luxury hotel in shows how Britain’s best-loved seaside resort is branching out.

August washout drives surge in international travel

August washout
The extremes of Britain’s weather came into sharp focus last week with the release of new market research indicating that August has been such a washout..

UKinbound reports sustainability for both environment and business

UKinbound environment business
UKinbound has reported that UK businesses are making significant headway in reducing their impact on the environment, wit 81 percent of tourism..

International holidays slashed as Brits opt for staycations

Staycation Bournemouth beach
Tour operators can’t give trips to Greece and Turkey away, as political, economic and climatic factors keep Brits at home for the summer. The staycation is

May announces new sector deal for tourism

Theresa May Tourism deal
A new tourism sector deal will see government commit to streamlining visitor data, whilst simultaneously bolstering entry-level positions within the trade.

UKinbound welcomes tourism Sector Deal

The Prime Minister’s announcement of a first UK tourism sector deal has been met with praise by leading trade association UKinbound.   The new deal comes with the nation forecast to welcome an additional nine million visitors per year by 2025. James Aitken, chair of leading trade association, UKinbound welcomed the news: “We are really pleased that a Sector Deal has been secured...

Blackpool survey shows impressive gains in footfall

Blackpool Tower survey
Visitation rates have leapt in Blackpool this year, with particular growth in the number of overnight stays. according to the latest figures from the..

Bacta launches its campaign to re-energise seaside tourism

Bacta launches campaign re-energise seaside
Bacta has unveiled its ‘Siding with the Seaside’ campaign, urging the government to take action by investing and supporting the regeneration of Britain’s..

Government rejects House of Lords’ seaside resort recommendations

Tourism Government rejects recommendations
The government has rejected another call for a reduced rate of VAT for British tourism businesses that was amongst a raft of recommendations aimed at boosting seaside resorts

Tenby beach gets cable, just not for the telly

Tenby beach erosion safety
It’s one of the most highly-trafficked stretches of sand in Wales, but coastal erosion in Tenby has exposed power cables which pose the risk of serious...

Robbing horses, and motorists, in Hastings

Hastings Pier Tourism Parking
It takes resilience to run a pier operation nowadays and in Hastings this quality is needed in abundance. An increase in parking costs could drive tourist traffic away, say locals..

Pulling our economic weight – and then some

Blackpool Central Pier Hospitality Tourism
Not just at the seaside but across the entirety of Great Britain, hospitality and tourism businesses are more than pulling their economic weight, explains UKHospitality’s Chris Banks

Blackpool identified as key to seaside revival

Blackpool, tourism, seaside, revival, business
Blackpool has been identified as the key for a new initiative that would show how the issues affecting seaside resorts could be replicated nationwide. The House of Lords Select Committee on Regenerating Seaside Towns recommended it be the first resort to receive a ‘town deal’, involving a strategic approach between national and local government to develop specific solutions. Lord McNally, a...

Seaside resorts in urgent need of reinvention

Seaside resorts, reinvention, investment, tourism
After they spent the last year on a fact-finding mission across England’s coastal towns, a House of Lords select committee is urging the government to up its regeneration efforts. Seaside towns across England “have been neglected for too long” and are in urgent need of reinvention according to a new parliamentary study. The Future of Seaside Towns report, written by the...

Visitors still seeking the “nostalgic, family-friendly seaside experience that’s synonymous with Blackpool”

Seaside Blackpool Tower North Pier
Chris Higgitt, operator of Higgitt's Las Vegas Amusements, explains that despite the ongoing rail disruption...

New Blackpool tourism plan aims for 500,000 visitor boost

Blackpool’s ambition to maintain its position as the UK’s most popular seaside resort has been laid out in a new version of its destination management plan. Blackpool Council has set out its tourism goals that aim to boost annual visitor numbers at the resort by 500,000 in its second destination management plan. It revealed that since the first plan was launched...

Blackpool posts five year plan for “first-class tourism product”

Blackpool, tourism, product, uk
A five year plan for Blackpool, which includes investment in transport links and the completion of the new conference centre at Winter Gardens,has been laid out by the council. The blueprints spell out a timeline for finishing the tram extension up the Prom and developing the £300m plans for Blackpool Central Station, as well as proposing changes to the town’s...

Government calls for year-round tourism promotion

Government, tourism, promotion, politics
Secretary of state for tourism Jeremy Wright has called on the tourism industry to respond with a “renewed commitment” to establish a world-leading market. Speaking to the Tourism Industry Council Wright said: “Every time a leisure or business traveller chooses to visit, it brings investment in our economy and supports jobs across the country, but we are in a competitive...

‘Bleakpool’ no more: New developments could see change in Blackpool’s reputation

blackpool, tourism, investment
In what was heralded as a “game changer”, Blackpool’s tourist economy will be given a boost thanks to a new £300m project which promises to provide a shot in the arm for the Golden Mile suggests Edward Lowton. Blackpool hasn’t always attracted the best press over the years, even Coinslot - yes Coinslot my friends - inadvertently and with an...

Wright announces sector deal negotiation with tourism trade

Jeremy Wright, negotiations, tourism, trade
Negotiations between government and trade chiefs will soon aim to produce a bespoke sector deal for the tourism industry - a step which one trade association chief claims could be a “game-changer”. As part of its continuing Industrial Strategy, the government has now announced its intention to deliver the tourist industry a sector deal that will aim to attract more...

Kursaal comes under new ownership

Kursaal, Southend-on-Sea
The site of what was once one of England’s first ever bespoke amusement parks has come under new ownership. The main building of The Kursaal in Southend-on-Sea opened in 1901, boasting a notable stained-glassdome, and initially offering patrons what was then the largest fairground and amusements hall in the south of England. Within a decade the site boasted a variety...

Irish tourism chiefs warn of no deal danger

Brexit, ireland
To say that the UK’s departure from Europe is a matter that consumes just the homeland is probably not that accurate. Britain's closest European trading partner, Ireland, is displaying a nervous twitch of its own, counting the prospective cost of a hard-line withdrawal on its tourism trade. Paul Kelly, chief executive of Failte Ireland, has issued a dire warning over...

Plans to boost Blackpool economy by £1bn unveiled

Blackpool, tourism, economy, Blackpool Pride of Place Partnerhip, Merlin Entertainment
A local partnership of the public and private sectors is hoping to secure government funding to help Blackpool return to its heyday as the country’s most popular seaside destination. A plan to restore Blackpool to its tourist heyday and boost its economy by £1bn over the next decade have been unveiled. Published by the Blackpool Pride of Place Partnerhip, the masterplan...

Blackpool South Pier loses log flume planning permission decision

Blackpool South Pier
After moving onto the promenade, Blackpool South Pier’s log flume has been a hit with holidaymakers. But now the council has ordered it to be removed. The owner of Blackpool’s South Pier has lost out in its bid to keep a log flume ride on its current site on the resort’s promenade just north of the attraction. The Blackpool Pier...

Scarborough revealed as UK’s most visited holiday destination

Scarborough beach
New figures have revealed that the Borough of Scarborough has retained its crown as most visited holiday destination in England, outside of London. The data released by VisitEngland showed that the region, which includes the seaside resorts of Filey and Whitby, as well as Scarborough, remain a big hit with holidaymakers. It also revealed that a record breaking number of overseas...

Felixstowe rat gas plan shelved

Felixstowe Pier
In what should be of little surprise to anyone, a plan to use lethal gasses to curb a rat problem in Felixstowe has been halted due to safety concerns. According to Suffolk Coastal District Council the region’s growing popularity and “booming tourist economy” has not only led to an influx of revellers but increasing numbers of rats. Conventional methods such as...

Coinslot comment: Time to make a break from the seasonal break?

Weather sun beach
The latest tourism figures confirm that the UK’s appeal both domestically and abroad is on a high. Is this the signal for investment to optimise an all-year round season asks Ken Scott. Some say the football season starts too early,some think we should have a mid-season break, others say the season’s too long. And this year, we virtually had a...