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TouchTunes teams to take cashbox to another level

James Luck TouchTunes cashbox Soundnet teams
TouchTunes is enhancing the outstanding cashbox credentials of its world class digital jukeboxes by ensuring consumers have access to the most popular international music trends following a collaborative new partnership between its UK and US music teams.

Angelina still hogs the digital jukebox limelight one year on

Angelina jukebox limelight
With an unrivalled aesthetic and an income 36 percent above the national jukebox average, TouchTunes’ Angelina needn’t toot it’s own horn - especially..

Tony Silkstones’ My Touchtunes

Tony Silkstone My TouchTunes
My Touchtunes: This week sees Tony Silkstone, Technical Sales manager at Sound Leisure take us where drinks are free! With a set of music memories ranging..

Contactless payments: You don’t know what you’re missing

TouchTunes contactless
Speaking about contactless payments on jukeboxes ahead of this year’s ACOS, James Luck, commercial director of Soundnet TouchTunes, explains why he believes installing a cashless solution is an inevitability for most operators....

Angelina is top of the charts with income 36 percent above national jukebox average

TouchTunes Angelina 36 charts jukebox
TouchTunes, the world leader in digital jukebox technology, has announced record UK income figures for the Angelina. Described by a leading operator as being the ‘most attractive and impactful wall mounted jukebox that’s ever been built’ the TouchTunes data...

Linda Malcolm’s My TouchTunes

Linda Malcolm Operations Manager Bacta
Jonathan Walwyn’s passion for big, anthemic sing along numbers makes way for an edition of My TouchTunes sprinkled with a little bit of class - as Coinslot readers would no doubt expect from Linda Malcolm, Bacta’s long serving Operations Manager and PA to the Chief Executive. Sitting comfortably alongside the more disposable ‘pop’ music associated with her childhood and...

SoundNet and TouchTunes continue to invest in sector’s future with re-profiling initiative

Soundnet TouchTunes Toby Hoyte
SoundNet is ensuring that all of its customers have access to what is one of the largest music and music video libraries in the world thanks to a series of update options which are being made available foc...

Nigel French’s My TouchTunes

Leaving the cool 90s cassette collection of Parveen Sharma behind we enter springtime in the UK with the warmer tone of vinyl as Nigel French, Business Development Manager at Sound Leisure, steps up to the plate. Combining classic 45s from the 60s with era-defining LPs from the decades following, this selection of melodious memories is also the first in...

Gamestec puts its faith in the Angelina and underlines the importance of the jukebox experience

Gamestec Angelina Phil Boulton
‘The perfect jukebox for the pub sector’ is how Phil Boulton, Commercial Director Gamestec Playnation Group, chose to herald what the country’s largest machine operator is describing as a 'significant order' for the TouchTunes Angelina...

Performance is driving ‘phenomenal’ success as operators come back for more of Angelina

Sixty percent of orders for the TouchTunes’ Angelina represent repeat business, with operators requesting additional models once they’ve experienced the earning power of what is widely regarded as being the world’s most advanced jukebox. The statistic was announced by TouchTunes on the eve of EAG where the Angelina is making only its second high profile UK industry appearance before moving...

Marc Bird’s My TouchTunes

Following Kevin Astley’s regal slice of musical gold recently, Leisureplay’s Founder and MD, Marc Bird, takes the baton ahead of this week’s EAG show. Combining his passion for music, jukeboxes and Coventry, he crafts a harmonic trip of oldies, goodies and all time classics whilst inadvertently admitting to radio piracy too... Marc has been an active player in the trade...

Kevin Astley’s My TouchTunes

Bob Rudd, Kevin Astley, TouchTunes, jukebox
After a sweeping selection of sixties songs from Tony Garlick, we pass the mic to Kevin Astley, Technical Director at Bob Rudd, who wants to break free with a kind of magic assortment of hits. So grab your bicycle and find somebody to love as these choices prepare to send shivers down your spine and do the fandango... Kevin has...

TouchTunes: Designing with the ‘Wow’ factor

TouchTunes, jukebox, angelina, toby hoyte
Toby Hoyte believes the ‘race to the bottom’ has harmed the jukebox industry and what needs to be done to draw it back. The Angelina was launched in the UK in October - how would you describe the response from the market and has it exceeded your expectations? TH:I have been involved in the jukebox business for longer than I care...

Pitch perfect: TouchTunes’ Angelina is setting income records and driving the debate

Touchtunes, Angelina, jukebox, income,
The Angelina is answering the demand for a 'superior music experience “and helping to secure premium sites over the long-term”, according to feedback from operators. TouchTunes are on to a major winner. Unveiled to a UK audience in October, the Angelina, which is setting new income records courtesy of a music interface that connects with the Spotify generation and outstanding,...

TouchTunes to lead contactless debate at both Pub 2019 and EAG

TouchTunes, contactless, debate, Pub 2019, EAG
TouchTunes will be raising the bar at the upcoming Pub 2019 and EAG exhibitions, driving the debate around contactless. James Luck talks to Coinslot about what it’s planning and how its highly acclaimed Angelina jukebox will be showcasing the contactless potential over the coming weeks. TouchTunes, the world’s largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform, will be leading the countless...

Tony Garlick’s My TouchTunes

Angelina, pub, jukebox, touchtones
Following on from Paul Valente’s school of rock, this week sees Tony Garlick, Business Manager at Sound Leisure, span decades with his perfect playlist. Ranging from the swinging sixties through to now, Tony’s love of music shines through in his list of all-time classics, era defining pioneers and nifty sax solos... Music and the amusement industry have defined Tony’s life...

Paul Purcell explains why only the best will do as he signs up for Angelina order

Paul Purcell Angelina
The Angelina, which was launched to much acclaim at October's ACOS event at London's Olympia, is rapidly becoming the jukebox of choice, with Amusement Leisure, one of the North West's leading independent operators, the latest to confirm a 25 unit order for what many observers regard as the world's leading jukebox.

AMS lead the way, putting pen to paper on ‘substantial’ Angelina order

AMS, jukebox, Angelina, music, touchtunes
TouchTunes’ latest jukebox innovation Angelina is making significant in-roads into the marketplace, so much so that leading independent machines supplier AMS has taken a major order for the product. Automatic Machine Services, the leading independent gaming and amusement machine supplier working across the south-east of England, has become one of the very first operators to secure delivery of what it...

TouchTunes announce new payment terms for Angelina jukebox

Independent Leisure, jukebox, installations, UK, Angelina
The jukebox market is enjoying some vibrant times currently and leading the way is TouchTunes and their latest edition, Angelina. New payment terms should see buoyant times continue. TouchTunes is advising operators to move decisively in order to take full advantage of the earning potential of its highly acclaimed Angelina jukebox in time for the festive period when cash box...

TouchTunes announce fixed fee option at less than V-Hub rate

TouchTunes, jukeboxes, V-Hub rate, angelina
Operators will be able to secure the Angelina, the world’s most advanced jukebox, at a weekly cost that’s below that for the V-Hub, the iconic juke that was launched seven years ago. Confirming the ground-breaking deal, TouchTunes sales and marketing manager, Toby Hoyte said: “We recognise the importance of delivering terms that meet the needs of the UK market. Alongside...

Jo Waterland’s My TouchTunes

Jo Waterland, TouchTunes
As we Cha Cha Slide away from Tony Glanville’s dancefloor centric playlist, things take a decidely guitar heavy lead this week. Jo Waterland, Sales Adminstrator at Sound Leisure, brings her years of jukebox savvy to the table as she plays puppet master with a unique rock line-up of rebel youths, prog aliens and sweet children... Jo got an early start...

Gamestec select TouchTunes juke to spearhead pub music investment

Gamestec, TouchTunes, jukebox, pub music, investment
Gamestec Playnation, the UK’s largest and most influential operator, has chosen the TouchTune’s Angelina to spearhead its new pub jukebox investment programme. Described by Gamestec’s senior product manager, Stefan Podolanski, as being the ‘most attractive and impactful wall mounted jukebox that’s ever been built’, the Angelina has the same top earning,consumer friendly interface as its predecessor,the Playdium, while also featuring...

Sound Leisure and TouchTunes announce details of Leeds ‘Demo Day’

NSM Angelina best jukebox
Sound Leisure and TouchTunes have issued an open invitation for operators to discuss the latest developments impacting the jukebox sector at a Demo Day taking place at Sound Leisure’s Leeds office on Thursday 18 October. The informal event, which starts at 10am, will feature representatives from Sound Leisure, Soundnet and TouchTunes who will be on hand to provide product overviews...

TouchTunes take technology to the next level

TouchTunes contactless
TouchTunes are anticipating a busy ACOS with the launch of the crowd-pulling Angelina, the new technology driven jukebox. James Luck, commercial director at Soundnet, explains. Coinslot: How will you be approaching ACOS - what does it deliver for TouchTunes? James Luck: ACOS has been an important trade show for TouchTunes as we launched Playdium there in 2016. So we not only...

Introducing the very best jukebox in the world

NSM Angelina best jukebox
Developed in conjunction with Sound Leisure to meet the specific needs of UK operators, the Angelina has the same top earning, consumer friendly interface as its predecessor, the Playdium, while also featuring a new contemporary lighting system that gives it a stand out presence in any location or environment

TouchTunes celebrates 7 years with Teenage Cancer Trust

TouchTunes Teenage Cancer Trust
TouchTunes, the world leader in digital jukebox technology, is celebrating another year of partnering with Teenage Cancer Trust. TouchTunes has been supplying music for over 40 jukeboxes in their units in hospitals and clinics throughout the UK since 2011.

TouchTunes technology engaging with the iGeneration

Pascal de Mul touchtunes managing director acos
Following the merger of TouchTunes and PlayNetwork, Pascal de Mul was appointed managing director, Europe with a brief to drive business growth for the combined company in EMEA. With significant experience spanning high profile roles at Philips, TRAFI, Spotify and most recently Deezer, Pascal is a champion of the relationship between music and technology.   Coinslot: Your background is working with...

TouchTunes terms drive jukebox investment

Coinslot - ACOS Playdium
The operator-friendly business terms introduced by TouchTunes in support of the Playdium jukebox has led to an uplift in demand of almost 50 percent over six months.   The rise comes as more operators take advantage of the ability to invest in their music offering and pay for the world’s smartest jukebox from the cash box. The terms were introduced...

Playdium’s new video music option to be unveiled

Coinslot Records Playdium average video
Quality is the consistent theme which underlines the popularity of the TouchTunes Playdium, a product that is rapidly establishing a reputation amongst operators, venues and end-users alike for being the industry’s jukebox of choice.   Launched in the UK little more than a year ago, the Playdium combines sleek design with intuitive navigation, top end components and a market leading mobile...

TouchTunes App is building income states Leisureplay MD

Coinslot LeisurePlay Jukebox TouchTunes Playdium income
  Income derived from the TouchTunes App is beginning to exceed that of coinage, according to the feedback from one of the country’s leading specialist jukebox operators.   Marc Bird, managing director of Leisure- play, confirmed: “When we first heard about the TouchTunes App we thought it would have niche applications in venues which had smoking areas or those which wanted a...