Friday, November 16, 2018
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TouchTunes announce new payment terms for Angelina jukebox

jukebox, angelina, music, touchtunes
The jukebox market is enjoying some vibrant times currently and leading the way is TouchTunes and their latest edition, Angelina. New payment terms should see buoyant times continue. TouchTunes is advising operators to move decisively in order to take full advantage of the earning potential of its highly acclaimed Angelina jukebox in time for the festive period when cash box...

TouchTunes announce fixed fee option at less than V-Hub rate

TouchTunes, jukeboxes, V-Hub rate, angelina
Operators will be able to secure the Angelina, the world’s most advanced jukebox, at a weekly cost that’s below that for the V-Hub, the iconic juke that was launched seven years ago. Confirming the ground-breaking deal, TouchTunes sales and marketing manager, Toby Hoyte said: “We recognise the importance of delivering terms that meet the needs of the UK market. Alongside...

Jo Waterland’s My TouchTunes

Jo Waterland, TouchTunes
As we Cha Cha Slide away from Tony Glanville’s dancefloor centric playlist, things take a decidely guitar heavy lead this week. Jo Waterland, Sales Adminstrator at Sound Leisure, brings her years of jukebox savvy to the table as she plays puppet master with a unique rock line-up of rebel youths, prog aliens and sweet children... Jo got an early start...

Gamestec select TouchTunes juke to spearhead pub music investment

Gamestec, TouchTunes, jukebox, pub music, investment
Gamestec Playnation, the UK’s largest and most influential operator, has chosen the TouchTune’s Angelina to spearhead its new pub jukebox investment programme. Described by Gamestec’s senior product manager, Stefan Podolanski, as being the ‘most attractive and impactful wall mounted jukebox that’s ever been built’, the Angelina has the same top earning,consumer friendly interface as its predecessor,the Playdium, while also featuring...

Sound Leisure and TouchTunes announce details of Leeds ‘Demo Day’

NSM Angelina best jukebox
Sound Leisure and TouchTunes have issued an open invitation for operators to discuss the latest developments impacting the jukebox sector at a Demo Day taking place at Sound Leisure’s Leeds office on Thursday 18 October. The informal event, which starts at 10am, will feature representatives from Sound Leisure, Soundnet and TouchTunes who will be on hand to provide product overviews...

TouchTunes take technology to the next level

TouchTunes are anticipating a busy ACOS with the launch of the crowd-pulling Angelina, the new technology driven jukebox. James Luck, commercial director at Soundnet, explains. Coinslot: How will you be approaching ACOS - what does it deliver for TouchTunes? James Luck: ACOS has been an important trade show for TouchTunes as we launched Playdium there in 2016. So we not only...

Introducing the very best jukebox in the world

NSM Angelina best jukebox
Developed in conjunction with Sound Leisure to meet the specific needs of UK operators, the Angelina has the same top earning, consumer friendly interface as its predecessor, the Playdium, while also featuring a new contemporary lighting system that gives it a stand out presence in any location or environment

TouchTunes celebrates 7 years with Teenage Cancer Trust

TouchTunes Teenage Cancer Trust
TouchTunes, the world leader in digital jukebox technology, is celebrating another year of partnering with Teenage Cancer Trust. TouchTunes has been supplying music for over 40 jukeboxes in their units in hospitals and clinics throughout the UK since 2011.

TouchTunes technology engaging with the iGeneration

Pascal de Mul touchtunes managing director acos
Following the merger of TouchTunes and PlayNetwork, Pascal de Mul was appointed managing director, Europe with a brief to drive business growth for the combined company in EMEA. With significant experience spanning high profile roles at Philips, TRAFI, Spotify and most recently Deezer, Pascal is a champion of the relationship between music and technology.   Coinslot: Your background is working with...

TouchTunes terms drive jukebox investment

Coinslot - ACOS Playdium
The operator-friendly business terms introduced by TouchTunes in support of the Playdium jukebox has led to an uplift in demand of almost 50 percent over six months.   The rise comes as more operators take advantage of the ability to invest in their music offering and pay for the world’s smartest jukebox from the cash box. The terms were introduced...

Playdium’s new video music option to be unveiled

Coinslot Records Playdium average video
Quality is the consistent theme which underlines the popularity of the TouchTunes Playdium, a product that is rapidly establishing a reputation amongst operators, venues and end-users alike for being the industry’s jukebox of choice.   Launched in the UK little more than a year ago, the Playdium combines sleek design with intuitive navigation, top end components and a market leading mobile...

TouchTunes App is building income states Leisureplay MD

Coinslot LeisurePlay Jukebox TouchTunes Playdium income
  Income derived from the TouchTunes App is beginning to exceed that of coinage, according to the feedback from one of the country’s leading specialist jukebox operators.   Marc Bird, managing director of Leisure- play, confirmed: “When we first heard about the TouchTunes App we thought it would have niche applications in venues which had smoking areas or those which wanted a...

Leisureplay conclude 100 Playdium order

Marc Bird and Toby Hoyte agree the 100 order Playdium deal Leisureplay
TouchTunes has confirmed the conclusion of a deal with Leisureplay which will see the specialist independent operator add a further 100 Playdium jukeboxes to its estate.   The deal, which was discussed at October’s ACOS and finalised last week, is the latest breakthrough order for what is widely regarded as being the industry’s smartest and most successful jukebox. Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ Sales...

TouchTunes predict key income generation role for Playdium App

  Playdium will be breaking cash box records all the way through to 2019 according to company forecasts. And driving the force will be the TouchTunes mobile app which has already reached 800,000 unique users active every month.   By 2019, 20 percent of Playdium’s cash box income in the UK will be derived from the TouchTunes App, according to forecasts produced...

Playdium receives top marks from ACOS visitors

Coinslot - ACOS Playdium
“A memorable edition full of energy and optimism for the future of the jukebox industry” is how Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ Sales and Marketing Manager, chose to describe last week’s ACOS, which marked the first anniversary of the launch of the Playdium to a UK audience of operators.   In the 12 months following the arrival of what commentators now refer to...

TouchTunes team out in force as Playdium marks first anniversary at ACOS

Pascal de Mul touchtunes managing director acos
Twelve months on from the official launch of Playdium to a UK audience of operators, TouchTunes is out in force at ACOS 2017 led by a new managing director, backed by an experienced team and a growing order book for what is the industry’s highest earning jukebox.   Following the merger of Touch-Tunes and Play Network to form the leading global...

Playdium, the smartest jukebox on the planet

Coinslot Playdium Jukebox TouchTunes
  Playdium continues to break ground with the digital jukebox making its mark in the UK leisure sector.   The stunning Playdium digital jukebox from TouchTunes delivers a breakthrough music experience that reflects the musical taste of your venue, be it a pub, bar or club. With its contemporary design, Playdium is the next generation entertainment platform that redefines the possibilities...

Playdium: Putting the jukebox back on the radar

2507-people-nick hardy touchtunes playdium
TouchTunes have certainly made their mark on the UK industry this year with Playdium breaking tradition and breaking ground into new jukebox territories. Nick Hardy, TouchTunes Commercial Director, Europe, talks to Coinslot about how he sees the sector progressing within the leisure and entertainment mix.   You launched Playdium at ACOS 2016 - how has the year been? We’ve been very pleased...

TouchTunes and PlayNetwork appoint new managing director for Europe

Pascal de Mul touchtunes managing director acos
Former Spotify and Deezer executive Pascal de Mul has been hired to accelerate global growth for the combined company in Europe.   TouchTunes and PlayNetwork, who recently merged to become the leading global provider of music and branded media, have announced the appointment of Pascal de Mul to the position of Managing Director, Europe. Based in London, de Mul will strengthen...

Playdium Picks from TouchTunes launches in Coinslot

2507-people-nick hardy touchtunes playdium
TouchTunes, the market leader in digital jukebox technology, has partnered with Coinslot to launch Playdium Picks.   The feature, named in honour of the world’s smartest jukebox, will provide Coinslot readers with a regular insight into the musical tastes and influences of some of the industry’s best known personalities. Comprising a 'Spinal tap’ inspired 11 questions, the launch edition of...

Nick Hardy – Connecting with Generation ZZzzzz’d

2507-people-nick hardy touchtunes playdium
As policy makers and social commentators wrestle with the idiosyncrasies of the population group that follows the much talked about ‘Millennials’, Nick Hardy, TouchTunes, commercial director Europe, argues that every part of the leisure sector needs to up its game and think creatively if it is to make itself relevant.   Hardy explains: "The Managed Pub Conference, held in June, featured...

Essex Leisure backs Playdium in numbers

Coinslot - Pub summit bacta greg wood essex
TouchTunes' Playdium, recognised as the world's smartest jukebox and the UK's No.1 earning pay-to-play music product, has received a further accolade, with prominent IOA member Essex Leisure scheduling a significant programme of installations.   This commitment follows trials with leading pub retailers and the introduction by TouchTunes of progressive commercial terms including the removal of fixed music costs in favour of...

Hardy – continuing to hit the high notes with TouchTunes

2507-people-nick hardy touchtunes playdium
Nick Hardy has enjoyed a high profile career which has included senior marketing and leadership roles working for a variety of well known gaming, entertainment and media brands. His latest position, confirmed in January, continues in the same vein, helping to drive the European business development strategy for TouchTunes, the world’s largest invenue interactive music and entertainment platform.   You were...

TouchTunes commitment is sweet music to jukebox operators

Coinslot - TouchTunes jukebox
“The World’s Smartest Jukebox” is proving to be a hit with operators, especially with manufacturer TouchTunes’ new business model.   “A new period of opportunity for jukebox operators” is how Toby Hoyte, sales and marketing manager, TouchTunes UK, has described the visionary new commercial model introduced for the Playdium online jukebox. The combination of music charges pegged at just 18 percent of...

Music experts state Oasis appeal will ‘Live Forever’

Oasis have been crowned unofficial 'Kings of the Jukebox' following a spike in plays of the band’s signature anthem, Don’t Look Back In Anger.   The play data, which has been compiled by TouchTunes UK, the jukebox industry experts, saw the track once again re-enter the UK jukebox charts, 21 years after it was released as the fourth single from their...

Operators can now pay from the cash box in Playdium plan

The TouchTunes Playdium Jukebox
Following the removal of fixed music charges for the Playdium jukebox in favour of a straight 18 percent of cashbox revenue share, TouchTunes has confirmed further its commitment to the UK operating sector with the launch of a refreshed Playdium hardware offer of just £14.50 per week. The deferred payment plan, which is spread over 36 months, enables operators to...

Playdium now royalty-only as TouchTunes takes progressive stance

Coinslot Records Playdium average video
Reacting to the wants and needs of the market, TouchTunes has confirmed the change from a fixed fee payment structure to that of a cashbox sharing revenue model for its Playdium smart jukebox.   Following extensive consultation with stakeholders across the UK industry, and set against the immense pressure on operators to invest heavily in digital gaming products, TouchTunes has confirmed...

Playdium meets music lovers’ desire for technology

Coinslot - Playdium TouchTunes
As TouchTunes’ Playdium proves popular in operations across the country, early trialling of the company’s ‘game-changing’ mobile App has shown an equally strong take-up.   Playdium, the smart jukebox launched to the UK industry by TouchTunes at last October’s ACOS, has made a significant impact on the domestic market with a total of 50 operators now deploying the next generation entertainment...

TouchTunes and PlayNetwork complete merger

Ross Honey, President & CEO of TouchTunes, merger
The TouchTunes and PlayNetwork merger will see the combined company gain global scale and resources to accelerate innovation for music and branded entertainment media experiences.   TouchTunes and PlayNetwork have announced the completion of their previously disclosed merger to create the global market leader for music and branded entertainment media experiences. The merger joins two industry leaders and their complementary expertise to...

TouchTunes App registers six million users

TouchTunes App registers 6m users as smartphone meets smart jukebox
Playdium’s status as the preferred jukebox app for the Spotify Generation and 21st century consumers of music in general has been put into sharp focus, courtesy of the latest user data released by TouchTunes.   As of the beginning of May the TouchTunes App has recorded an astonishing six million registered users in the United States, with new sign-ups averaging 25,000...