Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Industry condemns unworkable business rates

Industry condemns unworkable business rates
Freedom of information requests by both the Liberal Democrats and property firm Colliers have revealed huge failings in payouts, and the appeal process around the government's much maligned business rates plans. The changes to business rates which came into action on the 1st of April appear to have failed to deliver on positive promises thus far, as two FOI...

‘Strong, stable’, but no surprises in Tory manifesto

Coinslot - Tory manifesto FOBTs
No FOBT commitments from the Conservative manifesto, but a strong backing for small businesses, coastal communities and affordable energy. The only steady hand to steer a post-Brexit Britain? The Tories think so.   With a half-baked triennial review now on the backburner, the Conservative manifesto held no surprise FOBT commitments - in fact, no real surprises whatsoever - as Theresa May...