Friday, December 3, 2021

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Miles for Smiles enters sixth week of fundraising

Miles for Smiles week six
With the Miles for Smiles fundraising initiative now entering its sixth week, the team behind the campaign are calling on the public to support the 171 “Smile Makers” still notching up the miles by donating what they can.

Miles for Smiles: The race is on

The Miles for Smiles initiative enters its second week with the industry getting extremely physical. Steph Norbury provides the run-down.

Miles for Smiles makes its move

Miles for Smiles
The first week of Miles for Smiles has been epic - with over 140 ‘smilers’ signed up 34 industry teams of 4 - with Inspired fielding 11 teams and iFun Amusements in Herne Bay signing up four teams as well!

Bacta fires starting pistol on Miles for Smiles campaign

Miles for Smiles Bacta Tony Glanville
Bacta has launched Miles for Smiles, a new keep fit initiative inviting members to enjoy a bit of “healthy competition” during February and March.

Pushing the traditional boundaries

Tony Glanville pushers bulldog games
Pushers have been dominant at the seaside for decades, and with the rise of redemption, sales director at Inspired Gaming Sales, Tony Glanville, explains how inland FECs have started to share in this success.

Bulldog Games tick every box with Pac-Man pusher

Pac-Man Bulldog Pusher
Pairing multi-generational licences with market-leading build quality, Bulldog Games has created its feature-rich pusher with longevity in mind..

All roads lead to redemption

Tony Glanville Inspired Gaming Sales
The answer to many of the challenges faced by the seaside sector in recent decades has involved redemption, with Tony Glanville, sales director..

Inspired to present Community Kings in the nation’s capital

Inspired EAG Community Kings - Charmed Community EAG
This is an exciting year for Inspired; a new opportunity for the global gaming and entertainment group to unleash its inspiration and make its mark on the UK landscape.

RLMS points to ‘unrivalled customer-favourites’ as the product focus at Olympia

RLMS customer favourites
This year’s ACOS will see RLMS Sales welcoming visitors to the Astra stand doing what they do best: guiding buyers to the top products available. And this..

RLMS Sales stake a claim on club sector with licenced products

Tony Glanville RLMS Sales Club market content B4
Tony Glanville highlights the ‘reel’ power behind the B4 sector and why an established approach is still the key to the UK club market.

Prismatic and Pac-Man demonstrate that where there’s FUN there’s money!

Prismatic Cash Box Fun
Ahead of appearing at this week’s Park Avenue Open Day, RLMS managing director Tony Glanville highlights how cash box is built around the successful delivery of fun.

Investing in the ‘best of the best’ is helping operators to grow their customer base

Tony Glanville RLMS
RLMS managing director Tony Glanville believes that consumers brought up in the digital age are increasingly looking to technology driven entertainment..

Prismatic is building the cash box and expanding the player base

Prismatic £100 top cabinet
The Prismatic digital gaming terminal, which was unveiled by Novomatic UK at January’s EAG, is earning a reputation for being the industry's stand-out..

RLMS secure Prismatic production run as demand increases

RLMS Sales Prismatic
A cashbox that on average is up by 40 percent across Pub Retail is, according to RLMS Sales Managing Director, Tony Glanville, the stand out reason why Novomatic UK’s Prismatic digital gaming terminal is the most talked about and the most in demand product on the market...

It’s all about quality, says Tony Glanville

RLMS, sales, quality, Tony Glanville, EAG
Quality is the consistent theme as RLMS MD Tony Glanville reflects on the best collection of equipment seen for years. As a leading distributor you are in a position to take a broader view of the market - what are the main themes? TG: Quality is the big ticket item from my perspective. I can’t think of a time when operators...

Market quality at an all time high, says Tony Glanville

RLMS, Tony Glanville, operators, gaming, gaming equipment
There has scant been a time when operators have had a better selection of gaming equipment, according to RLMS managing director Tony Glanville. In an interview with Coinslot’s Quarterly Review out this week, Glanville explained that an industry-wide dedication to constant self improvement and a player demographic becoming ever the more expectant, if not demanding, has meant that gaming manufacturers...

Tony Glanville’s My TouchTunes

Tony Glanville’s My TouchTunes, Tony Glanville, My TouchTunes, RLMS Sales
After the launch of TouchTunes’ latest jukebox, Angelina, and the first My TouchTunes trip with Carl Adams, we continue to uncover the industry’s defining track with some personal picks from Tony Glanville, Managing Director for RLMS Sales, who takes us on a journey of heartbreak, blue skies and the Cha-Cha Slide... Tony’s three decades in the UK gaming industry, culminating...

Why Know Your Customer philosophy is driving the RLMS approach

iPub3 RLMS Sales, Tony Glanville
Tony Glanville, MD of RLMS Sales, talks to Coinslot about distribution, new brands and the need for a good ACOS. “We need a good, strong and optimistic event for industry,” says the well-seasoned RLMS chief. Coinslot: How has the role of the distributor changed and what does the role bring to the industry table? Tony Glanville: It’s changed massively in the...

How RLMS is applying a fresh coat of paint to the past

Tony Glanville
In a 21st Century where upcycling and sustainability are part of the everyday vernacular, Tony Glanville, managing director of RLMS Sales, explains how their in-house approach to used equipment in the amusements industry is more than just a trend, it’s a vital part of their business. COINSLOT: How important is the used/refurbished machine market in the UK? TONY GLANVILLE: Like the...

New generation of B3’s are delivering a bigger experience, states Tony Glanville

Tony Glanville
Tony Glanville knows his stuff when it comes to B3s and now he’s looking for a bit of ‘theatre and entertainment’ for the punters. They want ‘bigger’ and ‘glitzy’, he says, which is lucky given that RLMS Sales have gone right down that street. How have you perceived the performances of B3 machines and how important is the category to...

RLMS strengthen team with new appointment

RLMS Sales new
RLMS Sales has strengthened its Burton based-team with the appointment of Kyle Foster, who joins the company as an internal sales executive and will be responsible for developing the single site customer base...

The Bulldog Games range licensed to entertain

Tony Glanville
Monopoly is just one of the licences that RLMS is pushing into the marketplace with major success. But Ben Bones and Hamster’s Ball also are making their mark as impressively. Pushers are playing a central role in developing whole family spend for operators, according to RLMS Sales, exclusive distributors of the Bulldog Games brand. “When we are discussing the family market...

How Bulldog Games is pushing forward in pursuit of family fun

Tony Glanville
RLMS’s Tony Glanville talks pushers with Coinslot; the role of a quality licence, quality game and quality service. It's this combination that the new brand on the block has turned into its defining philosophy. Coinslot: How can pushers benefit an operator as part of a varied machine estate? Tony Glanville: The first pusher came to the market more than half a...

1,500th pusher bed triggers Bulldog donation

Bulldog triggers donation
Bacta President Gabi Stergides and Shafiya Shah, Corporate Account Manager at the Rays of Sunshine charity, were on hand at the recent Park Avenue Open Day to accept a cheque for £1,000 on behalf of the Bulldog Games brand of pusher and redemption equipment.

Great Yarmouth becomes 75th location for Bulldog

Bulldog Great Yarmouth
The seaside resort of Great Yarmouth, known for its two piers and the legendary Hippodrome Circus, has a new claim to fame, recently becoming the 75th UK location to feature products from the Bulldog Games brand...

RLMS: Helping players drive the redemption experience

Tony Glanville
The redemption range from RLMS and Bulldog Games continues to increase in popularity up and down the country. Tony Glanville, MD of RLMS Sales, talks about maximising trends and how interactive play is the key for players of any age. What do you feel the hottest trends this year have been in the redemption machine market place? Tony Glanville: From our...

Best in breed support makes Bulldog the ideal partner

RLMS introduce revenue share option for Bulldog portfolio
Tony Glanville, Managing director of exclusive distributor, RLMS Sales, believes the Bulldog range combines a strong cash box with great reliability and an after sales service that’s raised the bar by setting even higher industry standards.

RLMS introduce rev share option for Bulldog range

RLMS introduce revenue share option for Bulldog portfolio
The Bulldog Games brand of pushers and redemption equipment, which has reported Q1 sales that are 86 percent ahead of pre-launch forecasts, is being made available to operators on a unique revenue share agreement....

Bulldog leads with sales 86% up on forecasts

Bulldog Games
Bulldog Games the pusher and redemption brand that was unveiled to the industry at EAG, has enjoyed a stellar launch with sales 86% ahead of forecasts.

Husband and wife team complete London Marathon raising £8,500 for Rays of Sunshine

Glanville couple marathon
The hottest London Marathon in the event’s 37 year history took place on Sunday. But that did not stop Tony Glanville, managing director of RLMS Sales, and his wife Sarah raising £8,500 for Rays of sunshine, a charity that grants wishes for children in the UK