Friday, September 25, 2020

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Does she mean us? Is gambling really the new tobacco?

Carolyn Harris Gambling new tobacco
Is gambling really the new tobacco? Industry figures speak about the consequences of such an association, how it undermines confidence in social responsibility initiatives and how important it is to recognise the distinct gambling sectors.

Tony Boulton takes on key PR and political role at Gauselmann UK

Tony Boulton Gauselmann UK
Tony Boulton, a pioneering figure in modern day game design and a key figure in Bacta, has taken on a new directorial role at Gauselmann UK. The former..

Boulton: “Delivering choice and variety for players is the only way forward”

Project, Tony Boulton, interview, eag
Project’s Tony Boulton talks to Coinslot Review on why delivering choice and variety for players is the only way forward. Project’s line up for EAG is all about delivering choice and variety - is this the strategic way forward for low stake gaming in the UK? Modern consumers demand choice and variety across the board and the low stake industry is...

Project to make ACOS debut

Tony Boulton Project regional
Project has announced that it will be making its first ever appearance at October’s ACOS citing the event’s growing importance in the domestic calendar as well as the company’s strong crop of new games, as key factors to have influenced its decision. Managing director Tony Boulton confirmed: “The team at Project has been focussed on developing targeted games and delivering...

Project MD warns against under investment in Cat C

Tony Boulton Project regional
Project managing director Tony Boulton has reiterated the company’s commitment to Category C, warning of the dangers of ignoring part of the product mix that accounts for circa 30 percent of an AGC’s profits. Speaking shortly after Project had confirmed its latest pipeline of product for the popular 5 Star Games, Category C compendium, he stated: “Due to the lead...

Regional show a rallying point for the industry

Tony Boulton Project regional
Ahead of the Crown Northern Showcase, Project’s managing director Tony Boulton discusses how regional events are an integral touch point for an industry feeling the effects of Triennial disappointment.   Do you think that Category C could be viewed as an essentially dead genre? Absolutely not and as evidence I would point to the really positive response shown by both AGC and...

Double poker launch as Project provide strategic options

Coinslot - Project double poker launch average
Project, the UK’s leading creator of poker-based gaming machines, has expanded its portfolio with a double launch comprising Bank it alongside Multi-Poker, a high play appeal compendium featuring four of the company’s most popular and proven models.   Project is widely regarded as the industry’s poker experts with the majority of high street AGCs having at least one Project poker themed...

Project confirm ticket video fruit pipeline over coming year

Coinslot Finance Package Project Crazy Chicken ticket
Project managing director, Tony Boulton has confirmed the company will develop a range of ticket video fruits to market following the success of Crazy Chicken.   Following the huge success of Crazy Chicken, which represented its first foray into the broadly based redemption genre, Project has committed to a development programme which will see the game’s creator bring a collection of...

Crazy Chicken spreads its wings to make Euro migration

Coinslot Finance Package Project Crazy Chicken ticket
Following the success of its Crazy Chicken, fun ticket fruit, which was launched to the UK market in January, Project has confirmed the creation of a version for European export markets.   The high impact three player game, offers a full range of percentage settings from 20 percent through to 70 percent, and can be customised for local markets. Project managing director,...

Dave Perry funeral arrangements confirmed

Dave Perry
Friends and colleagues from the industry are invited to celebrate the life of well known industry personality, Dave Perry, who passed recently following a period of illness.   Dave’s funeral will take place at 1pm, 12th May at St Peter’s Church, St Peter’s Street, St Albans, AL1 3HG and afterwards at The Rose and Crown Pub, 10 St Michael’s Street, St...

Charisma is the key to Crazy Chicken success

Coinslot - Project crazy chicken seaside
Crazy Chicken’s main characters are soon to be coastal favourites as Project continues to receive order from a number of seaside operators   Project’s friendly farmer and eponymous crazy chicken are set to become two of the most popular fictional characters at the coast, following sustained orders from seaside operators for the company’s high energy video redemption piece, which was launched...

Crazy Chicken causes a run on red acrylic

Coinslot Project Crazy Chicken red
Project’s new video redemption slot machine is proving so popular that the seasoned manufacturer is having to seek alternative sources of red paint to keep up with demand.   The popularity of Project’s Crazy Chicken video redemption piece has forced the games creator to look abroad for an alternative supplier of its eye-catching red acrylic, which features extensively on the facia...

Operators see centrepiece potential in Project’s Crazy Chicken multiplayer

Coinslot Project Crazy Chicken red
Crazy Chicken, the latest video redemption game from Project, has seen a number of operators add a fourth game to its multiplayer format thanks to the product's growing appeal.   Project’s Crazy Chicken, which is the only video redemption game on the market, is quickly earning a reputation as a high appeal centrepiece with a growing number of operators adding a...

Project launches Finance Package allowing operators to pay from the cash box

Coinslot Finance Package Project Crazy Chicken ticket
Project’s Finance Package launches allowing operators more flexibility when adding new products to their gaming floor.   Project managing director, Tony Boulton, has released details of their bespoke Finance Package which allows operators to site new, high income product on the gaming floor and pay using income from the cash box. Taking Project’s leading poker game, Free hand Poker, as a case...

Project’s Crazy Chicken earns its corn throughout pre-launch testing

Coinslot Project Crazy Chicken
Project’s Crazy Chicken, which has entered its third month of on-site testing, continues to exceed its pre-launch performance targets. As the only video redemption game on the market begins its ninth week on test, the average seven day cash box is 26% above target, underlining its ability to contribute to operators’ bottom line profits on a consistent basis. “Following its launch at...

Crazy Chicken provides a dynamic take on ticket redemption

Coinslot Tony Boulton Project crazy chicken
The three player ticket redemption title, Crazy Chicken, receives ‘exceptional response’ according to Project. Project has reported what MD, Tony Boulton, is describing as an 'exceptional response’ to its three player ticket redemption piece, Crazy Chicken. The game, which features dynamic 3D video graphics as part of its appeal, has excelled whilst on test at one of the country’s leading family...

Project’s Tony Boulton – New year, new deal

Coinslot Tony Boulton Project
Project has found success in 2016 by reviving its famous poker-themed machines but, as the company’s managing director Tony Boulton looks ahead to the coming year, he sees plenty of new challenges for the industry to face up to in 2017.   Coinslot: What is it about poker-themed games that appeals to the gaming machine audience? Tony Boulton: Our history with poker...

Project open 2017 with launch of multi-stake Mega Bars Big Cash

Coinslot project mega bars big cash2
Project has made a bold opening to 2017 with the launch of Mega Bars Big Cash, a high definition 23 inch screen, multi-stake, TITO and smart card enabled version of a popular and proven game. Targeted at Mega Bars’ older female core demographic, the game features a £1.50 stake option - in addition to £1 and £2 options - a...

Project adds to R&D resource in preparation for 2017

Coinslot Project
Project has confirmed it will be planning ahead by focusing additional resources on its R&D team going forward into 2017. Project has set out its stall for 2017, confirming that it has added more resource to the R&D team working out of its south London head office. The news came in the week the industry completed its Triennial Review submissions to...

Bacta convention – Division leaders on contactless urgency

Coinslot Bacta convention
Although the post-lunch Challenge Panel touched on a range of issues concerning the future of the coin-op industry, it was once again debit cards which dominated proceedings, as the trade body’s division leaders stressed the importance of rapid action. One of Bacta president Jason Frost’s key internal contributions during this past year has been the work of his Strategy Committee....

Project to launch Free Hands Poker at ACOS

Coinslot Project poker
Project managing director, Tony Boulton, has confirmed the launch of the company's latest game, Free Hands Poker, which will be unveiled to operators at the forthcoming ACOS show -held at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club. Free Hands Poker is the latest in Project's growing portfolio of poker themed games which include Find The Lady Ultimate Gamble, Chase The...

Project deliver ‘value’ with launch of poker themed Cat C Lite compendium

Coinslot Hi Lo Poker Project
Project, widely regarded as the UK industry leaders in the development and deployment of poker themed gaming machines, has responded to market demands with the launch of Hi Lo Poker, a Cat C Lite, three game compendium featuring the popular and proven poker favourites, Jacks or Better, Chase The Ace No Limits and Find The Lady Top 10.   Project Managing...