Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Change or face “draconian” clamp-down, says Watson

ICE Vox Tom Watson
Former political gambling opponent Tom Watson’s keynote speech at ICE earlier this month saw the ex-deputy leader of the opposition issue this stark warning

Watson steps down, but not out of politics

Tom Watson MP Labour
Tom Watson will not be standing in the upcoming General Election following his resignation as Labour’s deputy leader.

Game Over: Regulating gaming and gambling markets of the future

Tom Watson Labour gambling act
Shadow deputy leader Tom Watson outlines why he thinks a whole new gambling act is needed to address the challenges of the digital age...

Tom Watson argues for a new Gambling Act

Tom Watson Deputy Leader Labour Party Legislation Gambling Act
Continuing his crusade to change the UK’s gambling landscape, Labour Party deputy leader Tom Watson spoke to the international industry about how..

Watson weighs in on ‘gambling epidemic’, again

Tom Watson Labour anti-gambling
Labour’s number two Tom Watson is back on the anti-gambling bandwagon again, this time with a promise to “overhaul” the online gaming sector.

Medics call for compulsory levy

Medics call compulsory tax levy problem gambling
The authors of a new medical report say that a mandatory tax on gambling revenue is required to mitigate problem-gambling costs to the health service..

GambleAware donations rise but fall just short of £10m target

GambleAware donations Tom Watson renews 1% call
GambleAware has said it will require at least its expected £10m target income for the coming year, and “significant” increases in revenue thereafter - as..

Bacta join forces with C of E at APPG Impact Event

bacta APPG Impact Event
Bacta joined forces with a broad range of stakeholders and individuals including the Church of England, The Royal Society for Public Health, numerous local authorities, gambling addicts, reformed addicts and representatives from both the House of Lords and the House of Commons in an unequivocal show of support for a reduction in the maximum FOBT stake to £2.   The All Party...

Bacta shares platform with Labour deputy leader Tom Watson

As the Labour Party made its way to Brighton this week, so did bacta’s John White, who was a panellist in a debate during the party conference before hosting Fish & Chips & Beer on the pier for MPs.   Bacta’s empirically-based arguments supporting the need to significantly reduce FOBT stakes gained further traction this week when chief executive, John White,...