Friday, December 3, 2021

Tag: toilets

Toilet-gate: Britain’s bogs going down the drain

Public toilet sign
As recent statistics highlight a sharp reduction nationwide in council-maintained public toilets, the weight of facilities provision is increasingly being borne by high-street and coastal business. Evidence once again that the industry tends to get the shit end of the local authority stick, or that public convenience has become too great an inconvenience? New figures released under the Freedom of Information...

Felixstowe Pier knee-deep in toilet trouble

Felixstowe Pier
Things got intense and aromatic at Felixstowe Pier last weekend, after a surge in public use of the arcade’s toilet facilities forced management to smash the metaphorical glass, sound the alarm, and declare the bogs a write-off. With footfall from sun-baked beach-goers at a record high this summer, staff at the pier had tried to anticipate an increase in lavatorial...

Barry’s ‘Changing Places’ for the better

Barry’s Amusements in Portrush, N.Ireland has recently installed ‘Changing Places’ toilets for its disabled guests, much to the delight of its thirty thousand followers. At a significant cost to the operator, the new toilets represent an attitude of inclusivity and equality at Barry’s Amusements. They include a height adjustable adult sized changing bench, a hoist system, adequate changing area space, a...

Council welcome The Arkade’s toilet takeover

The Arkade
Tourists need toilets, and Marcus Kravis, owner of The Arkade, is the man to rescue them on Minehead’s seafront this season, with the council welcoming his proposal to reopen and operate the public conveniences. West Somerset Council has welcomed an offer from Marcus Kravis, owner of The Arkade, to reopen and operate public toilets on Minehead’s seafront this season. The council...