Friday, December 3, 2021

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TouchTunes: Are we getting better at sharing?

Soundnet TouchTunes Angelina Jukebox
With a growing number of operators signing up to TouchTunes’ 18 percent revenue sharing option, Toby Hoyte of Soundnet TouchTunes believes the payment model has truly proven its worth over the last two years.

Soundnet: ‘Deals to suit everyone’

Soundnet Sound Leisure Angelina Jukebox
Soundnet/TouchTunes are marking the industry’s return to live events with an array of special offers for jukebox operators. And, making the trip to London all the more worthwhile will be the debut of the V5 jukebox kit, designed to bring a turbocharge to older Sound Leisure jukes. Toby Hoyte explains all.

Jukeboxes show signs of a speedy return to pre-lockdown levels

Soundnet TouchTunes Jukeboxes signs return to pre-lockdown levels
Jukeboxes are bouncing back according to the latest data from music supplier Soundnet/TouchTunes. Average income figures are showing venues heading to within touching distance of the levels of March 2020. Toby Hoyte outlines the story behind the latest statistics.

Soundnet offers venues the opportunity to ‘supercharge your Sound Leisure juke with the V5’

Soundnet Sound Leisure V5 kit
Soundnet and Sound Leisure have unveiled a special promotion for venues to upgrade their older model jukeboxes into a Milestones juke - with a little help from their V5 friend.

Freedom day delay: Ian Eason / Louise Austin / Leigh Smith / Toby Hoyte

Freedom Day delay Ian Eason Louise Austin Leigh Smith Toby Hoyte
Ian Eason: “Another kick in the balls for the supply chain”

Toby Hoyte: Easter 2021 is going to be the new Christmas

Toby Hoyte jukebox Soundnet Touchtunes 2020 Review
Overall and in many different ways it has been a disastrous year. To an extent Covid has poured fuel on a fire that was already burning. It has made a lot of people question what they do and prompted them to look hard at their jukebox operation and explore the opportunities that exist in greater detail.

Our most important task is to ensure we can supply the jukes as easily as possible for the customer … I think we have done this

Toby Hoyte Soundnet TouchTunes
For Toby Hoyte at Soundnet TouchTunes lockdown, for all its ills, provided a unique opportunity for positive action. He explains how the company has risen to the challenge and adapted for the better.

TouchTunes pauses invoicing to ensure the beat goes on for pubs

Toby Hoyte TouchTunes
In light of the current global pandemic surrounding Covid-19 and specifically following the UK government lockdown, SoundNet/TouchTunes has announced that it has paused invoicing for all of its jukeboxes in order to provide..

Milestones In Music and the Angelina to take centre stage at EAG

Angelina Music EAG Toby Hoyte
Toby Hoyte, of Soundnet TouchTunes, explains how Soundnet and Sound Leisure are helping operators to make the most from their music offering

Angelina: More music, more entertainment, more fun and more cash box!

Toby Hoyte Angelina Jukebox
Toby Hoyte, Marketing Director at Soundnet/TouchTunes, explains why all sections of the market are just loving the Angelina

TouchTunes: Designing with the ‘Wow’ factor

TouchTunes, jukebox, angelina, toby hoyte
Toby Hoyte believes the ‘race to the bottom’ has harmed the jukebox industry and what needs to be done to draw it back. The Angelina was launched in the UK in October - how would you describe the response from the market and has it exceeded your expectations? TH:I have been involved in the jukebox business for longer than I care...

TouchTunes highlight power of technology as Playdium enjoys market leading status

Toby Hoyte
The Playdium, regarded as the world’s smartest jukebox, accounted for more than 50 percent of new UK sales in the last 12 months, a feat that sales and marketing manager Toby Hoyte is attributing to a combination of technology and terms. Expanding on his argument, Hoyte told Coinslot: “Operators are looking for products that deliver enhanced cash box figures and...

TouchTunes celebrates 7 years with Teenage Cancer Trust

TouchTunes Teenage Cancer Trust
TouchTunes, the world leader in digital jukebox technology, is celebrating another year of partnering with Teenage Cancer Trust. TouchTunes has been supplying music for over 40 jukeboxes in their units in hospitals and clinics throughout the UK since 2011.

Leisureplay conclude 100 Playdium order

Marc Bird and Toby Hoyte agree the 100 order Playdium deal Leisureplay
TouchTunes has confirmed the conclusion of a deal with Leisureplay which will see the specialist independent operator add a further 100 Playdium jukeboxes to its estate.   The deal, which was discussed at October’s ACOS and finalised last week, is the latest breakthrough order for what is widely regarded as being the industry’s smartest and most successful jukebox. Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ Sales...

Playdium receives top marks from ACOS visitors

Coinslot - ACOS Playdium
“A memorable edition full of energy and optimism for the future of the jukebox industry” is how Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ Sales and Marketing Manager, chose to describe last week’s ACOS, which marked the first anniversary of the launch of the Playdium to a UK audience of operators.   In the 12 months following the arrival of what commentators now refer to...

TouchTunes commitment is sweet music to jukebox operators

Coinslot - TouchTunes jukebox
“The World’s Smartest Jukebox” is proving to be a hit with operators, especially with manufacturer TouchTunes’ new business model.   “A new period of opportunity for jukebox operators” is how Toby Hoyte, sales and marketing manager, TouchTunes UK, has described the visionary new commercial model introduced for the Playdium online jukebox. The combination of music charges pegged at just 18 percent of...

Soundnet: Game changing Playdium is the industry’s smartest box

Coinslot Jukebox Playdium Soundnet
The very first TouchTunes machine to be officially release in the UK continues to make waves across the county with both operators and consumers. TouchTunes is celebrating  ‘an enthusiastic and highly positive response’ to the launch of its Playdium  jukebox, which was unveiled to leading operators by TouchTunes CEO Charles Goldstuck, European managing director, Alan Newham, Simon Davis of Soundnet...

New business model makes ‘Playdium the box for every venue’

Coinslot Playdium Jukeboxes Soundnet
The new 15 percent business model introduced by TouchTunes in support of its Playdium smart jukebox, is being heralded as the perfect way to refresh estates and to maximise income in the traditionally slower months for in venue, pay to play music.   Toby Hoyte, head of marketing at Soundnet confirmed: “The 15 percent business model means that TouchTunes and jukebox...

Playdium’s sleek navigation helps drive income, states Amusement Leisure

Coinslot Playdium Jukebox TouchTunes
Amusement Leisure’s Paul Purcell highlights the importance of smart products like TouchTunes Playdium jukebox for the amusememt marketplace. One of the highlights of the consumer experience is the easy and intuitive way you navigate the screens and find the music you want to play, and this helps explains its popularity on site, according to Paul Purcell, principal of Warrington-based, Amusement...

Soundnet ‘on the ball’ this summer with Euro 2016 playlist

Following a summer of sun and football, Soundnet’s Toby Hoyte has revealed the top 10 tracks from the Euro 2016 playlist, as well as offering insight into regional jukebox preferences. How has the jukebox sector fared over the summer? I would say this summer has been ‘steady to good’ for jukebox income. Obviously the school holidays and periods of decent weather...