Friday, December 3, 2021

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Adam Williams purchases site of controversial £20m property development

Llandudno Pier Adam Williams purchase development site
Not even Zoltar, the fortune telling machine on Llandudno Pier could have foretold this outcome. But after years of uncertainty for the attraction posed by a 10-storey apartment block development on its doorstep, the pier’s owners have bought the development site themselves. £ 2.8 million paid and a future secured for both the pier and Llandudno’s standing as the seaside resort of North Wales. Now, says Adam Williams, “the hard work starts”.

Another week, another Welsh leisure business out in the cold

Tir Prince Llandudno Pier
Tir Prince owner Adam Williams has said that a last minute decision by Conwy County Council to extend the closure of his business (whilst his competitors reopened) was “absolutely bonkers”

Llandudno Pier faces “mass redundancies” due to travel limit

Llandudno Pier faces redundancies
Tir Prince Leisure Group owner Adam Williams has warned that the Welsh Government’s five mile travel restriction could pose a threat to both the staff and the future of Llandudno Pier.

Amusements income provides the business foundations for Britain’s iconic Piers

Coinslot - bacta piers Britain's pier britain's
Any spell of hot weather and you can guarantee newspaper spreads showing packed beaches at any number of Britain's piers and seaside resorts. However, there’s no need to read the captions to know where the pictures were taken, thanks to the iconic attractions captured within them. Whether it’s Brighton’s Palace Pier, the Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare, Blackpool Tower or...

New coin costs spiral for larger operators

Coinslot TIR PRINCE New Coins Costs
As the wave of new currency continues, two of the UK’s bigger operators shed light on the true costs of reprogramming for the £1 coin. Some of the UK’s largest operators are counting the costs of the new £1 coin, with figures spiralling into the tens of thousands. With the new 12-sided coin set to be introduced 28 March, operators are...

Deloitte report confirms leisure sectors alive and well post-Brexit

Coinslot Deloitte
Business analytics group Deloitte gives a shining endorsement of the UK’s leisure sector post-Brexit, an assessment borne out in the cashboxes of British amusement firms. Spending in the UK leisure sector increased in the third quarter of 2016, according to an industry-wide report from Deloitte, brushing off fears that Brexit would dampen consumer confidence. During the three months to September, leisure...