Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Sega to unveil new Men in Black redemption title

Sega Men in Black video redemption
Sega Amusements International will seize the opportunity of IAAPA 2021 to launch its new Men in Black video redemption game, a “must have” title based on the Sony Pictures franchise.

International shipping crisis poses serious threat to amusements game supplies

International Shipping crisis
As if the supply chain hasn’t been hit hard enough, news this week of shipping delays increasing into months and container costs trebling has added further fears to the stability of the sector. The prospect of extended delays for new machines coming into the country and an increase in prices is now a serious concern to the distribution line, and one which could possibly run through to the end of the year.

TITO has taken over in the AGC sector, says Playsafe Systems

Playsafe Systems Thomas Paystations TITO
Ticket In Ticket Out has been taking off over the last 12 months as AGC operators prepare for their grand reopenings, with Playsafe Systems’ Iain Lunt explaining that even the most faithful cash-only operators have finally turned to TITO.

Playsafe Systems: Cash’s pain is TITO’s gain

Playsafe Systems Quantum TITO
The accelerated decline of cash usage in the UK has led to an uptake in ticket-in ticket-out (TITO) systems, according to solutions provider Playsafe Systems.

UDC reports ‘hot ticket sales’ since industry re-opening

UDC redemption tickets
The United Distributing Company has reported that it has been delivering ‘many more redemption tickets’ than expected during July and August with visitors returning to arcades, particularly at seaside resorts.

Tickets2Wishes: A win/win situation

Bacta Tickets2Wishes Win Win
Tickets2Wishes is a wonderful scheme which benefits everyone - the arcade, the customer and of course Rays of Sunshine children and their families.

JM Amusement Machines to make debut at EAG

JM Amusement Machines EAG
Just six months after being founded, JM Amusement Machines will take to EAG with a wide selection of machines for the UK market, with director Jacob O’Hare stating it’s already time to take the firm “to the next level.”

Eurocoin Systems: Joined-up solutions for UK gaming operators

“Our customers work hard enough already! Our goal is to make sure our systems make their lives a whole lot easier...” Eurocoin’s new division is on a mission. Eurocoin Systems is the new division of the Eurocoin Group, developing, installing and supporting the company’s main networked payment and management solutions for UK operators. As director Colin Veitch points out, the...

Crazy Chicken provides a dynamic take on ticket redemption

Coinslot Tony Boulton Project crazy chicken
The three player ticket redemption title, Crazy Chicken, receives ‘exceptional response’ according to Project. Project has reported what MD, Tony Boulton, is describing as an 'exceptional response’ to its three player ticket redemption piece, Crazy Chicken. The game, which features dynamic 3D video graphics as part of its appeal, has excelled whilst on test at one of the country’s leading family...

Alfred Katz – Redemption vs Fruit Machines

Alfred Katz, director at Direct Leisure, reflects on the sectors which have experienced growth and offers his view on where investments should be made. Direct Leisure has seen a marked growth in the redemption ticket market this past year so director, Alfred Katz, has every reason to applaud his company’s decision to invest in more of these machines. Katz believes the...

Innovative Technology think TiTo is the ticket

Coinslot Innovative TITO
Innovative Technology has launched Live Ticket+, a system designed to be an all-in-one solution for operators wanting to implement TITO within their business. Innovative Technology has announced the launch of Live Ticket+, an integrated TiTo implementation service, supported by its partners InnoPrint and InnoServ. And Chris Robinson, development director for InnoPrint, believes this is definitely the way forward:“Live Ticket+ removes...

Concept goes environmental at the seaside with 1 Big Ticket

Coinslot Concept Games Ticket tourism Visit England Brexit
Leeds based Concept Games has been designing 1 Big Ticket for seaside operators this summer, cutting out laborious ticket counting whilst also tackling a major environmental issue. Concept’s David Garforth explains: “I have always wanted to see if the next generation of prizes for playing could not be dealt with in a more environmentally friendly manner whilst retaining the commercial appeal....

Strengthening British manufacturing through self-reliance

While many UK manufacturing businesses have been affected by the post-Brexit rise in import prices, Interclub Lotteries’ efforts to produce as much as possible in the UK has helped strengthen the business. Managing director Alan Branch explains the rationale. Academic Nassim Taleb coined the phrase ‘antifragility’ to describe the process of how businesses, amongst others, exhibit an ability to benefit...