Friday, December 3, 2021

Tag: Thunder

NSM Music makes “fantastic” return to ACOS 2021

Alex Kirby NSM Music ACOS 2021
Despite a prolonged trade-show hiatus, NSM Music fell quickly back into the rhythm at ACOS 2021, with sales manager Alex Kirby stating from day one that “it was a fantastic show.”

NSM bringing Thunder, Lightning and Icon to EAG

NSM, Thunder, Lightning, Icon, EAG
Leading jukebox manufacturer NSM are roaring into this year’s EAG with three show-stopping pieces of music innovation - jukeboxes Thunder and Lightning, and Icon, their impressive new background music system. Launched in October,NSM’s flagship jukebox Thunder is a contactless-enabled,operator- friendly music machine that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to thee ear. Thunder features an optional new lighting perimeter...

NSM double down with first ACOS debut

NSM Thunder Lightning double ACOS
NSM will be striking the same place twice at next week’s ACOS as it debuts its newest jukebox, Thunder, alongside the company’s Lightning machine which has struck a chord with operators this summer up and down the country...