Monday, August 8, 2022

Tag: Thomas PayStations

Quantum leap: Playsafe to highlight the 8021C PayStation at Open Day

Playsafe Systems Thomas 8021C PayStation
Iain Lunt will be representing Playsafe Systems at next week’s Park Avenue Open Day and he will be bringing along the popular 8021C PayStation from Thomas, powered by the Quantum management system and demonstrating the flexible and effective TITO capabilities.

TITO has taken over in the AGC sector, says Playsafe Systems

Playsafe Systems Thomas Paystations TITO
Ticket In Ticket Out has been taking off over the last 12 months as AGC operators prepare for their grand reopenings, with Playsafe Systems’ Iain Lunt explaining that even the most faithful cash-only operators have finally turned to TITO.

Playsafe note rising demand for contactless payment solutions

Iain Lunt Playsafe Systems contactless payments
As concerns grow that cash could be spreading the coronavirus, Playsafe Systems has noted that the majority of its current orders are of Thomas PayStations and Payter contactless retrofit solutions, both of which reduce customer contact with coins and note.