Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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May announces new sector deal for tourism

Theresa May Tourism deal
A new tourism sector deal will see government commit to streamlining visitor data, whilst simultaneously bolstering entry-level positions within the trade.

May offers a “Brexit bribe” to key coastal constituencies

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Theresa May is preparing to invest heavily in Tory seaside resorts and Labour heartlands in order to secure her Brexit deal, according to a report in The Sun. Dubbed “the Brexit bribe”, the fund is intended for areas such as Clacton and former mining towns in the North, representing a “national renewal” of some of Britain’s long neglected regions. A...

Government u-turns on FOBT stake deadline

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The government has acquiesced to growing calls – even within its own ranks – for it to bring forward a proposed reduction in FOBT maximum stakes

Step aside and let us decide

Our present political system is demoralising, laments Ken Scott. Time, then, for us to take back control. I wrote to the Prime Minister today. Not about the Triennial - that’ll be another time. But about the Brexit mess. I asked her to let the British people and British businesses make the final decision on what form of Brexit we should...

Gabi Stergides: Implement FOBT cut ASAP

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In a letter to the Prime Minister, Bacta president Gabi Stergides expresses the need for swift implementation of the decision to cut FOBT stakes to £2, while also offering the trade association’s assistance to Theresa May’s advisor. As President of bacta, the trade association representing the UK Amusement Industry, I am writing to welcome the Government’s decision in reducing the...

May moves to bring peace of mind and stability for EU workers

theresa may florence transition
  Across the tourism attraction and pub sector, businesses welcomed the certainty provided by Theresa May’s open letter that EU employees can stay in the UK post-Brexit.   After waiting more than a year for official “unconditional confirmation” that EU workers will be allowed to stay in the UK post-Brexit, the tourism attraction and public sectors - both employing a significant percentage...

UK business leaders: Brexit transition essential

boris johnson essential
  A group of UK business leaders invited to Downing Street told prime minister Theresa May that a transition period following Brexit was absolutely essential.   The statement from the collection of around 10 industry luminaries follows close on the heels of France and Germany shooting down any misplaced hopes of Britain fast-tracking talks on reaching a transition deal. One attendee told press...

Hospitality split on two-year post-Brexit transition period

theresa may florence transition
While pub trade bodies were reassured, the British Hospitality Association said more time was needed than the “status quo” two-year post-Brexit transition period announced by the prime minister in Florence last week.   Hospitality chiefs gave mixed reviews of the two-year post-Brexit transition period announced by Theresa May in Florence’s Santa Maria Novella church on 22 September. The British Beer and Pub...

Hospitality trade chiefs welcome EU worker stability

Coinslot - Hospitality
The hospitality sector’s three chiefs executives, Kate Nicholls of the ALMR, Brigid Simmonds of the BBPA, and Ufi Ibrahim of the BHA, have weighed in on the government’s recent announcement that EU nationals resident in the UK for more than five years would be offered residency.   Kate Nicholls, chief executive of the ALMR: “The Prime Minister’s statement is...

Tourism VAT review set for Northern Ireland

CS - Tourism VAT Northern Ireland
With its southern neighbour enjoying a tourism VAT rate of nine percent, the DUP has negotiated a consultation report to look at reducing Northern Ireland’s rate to bring parity between the borders.   The £1bn deal between the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Theresa May’s minority government has secured a consultation report into the impact of tourism VAT in Northern Ireland. The...

Industry views election results with caution

Coinslot - General Election BBPA
Coinslot speaks to John White of Bacta, Miles Baron and Paul Kelly to gauge their reaction on the surprising general election result.   The industry’s trade bodies have reacted to the election result, some with more shock than others, but all consistent on the need for continued and effective governance. Indeed, CEO of Bacta John White said the result was “totally unexpected”,...

‘Strong, stable’, but no surprises in Tory manifesto

Coinslot - Tory manifesto FOBTs
No FOBT commitments from the Conservative manifesto, but a strong backing for small businesses, coastal communities and affordable energy. The only steady hand to steer a post-Brexit Britain? The Tories think so.   With a half-baked triennial review now on the backburner, the Conservative manifesto held no surprise FOBT commitments - in fact, no real surprises whatsoever - as Theresa May...

Analysts predict outcome of delayed Triennial Review

With the Triennial Review pushed back “by what looks like at least six months”, Barclays and industry analysts have made predictions for the months ahead.   As the industry as a whole waits for more information on the delayed Triennial Review, Barclays and analysts from the betting industry have weighed in on what may come of the election and the subsequent...

BBPA to use General Election to focus on sector’s key issues

Coinslot - General Election BBPA
The BBPA will highlight key issues for brewing and pubs in coming months following the announcement of a General Election on June 8, 2017.   Theresa May formally announced there will be a General Election on June 8, 2017 prompting a response from the British Beer & Pub Association. Commenting on the announcement, BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds said: “The debate around...

Comment: Back to black – £2bn investment pledge intended to push growth

Coinslot Brexit investment
Finally, it appears Ms May is turning the tide on the UK’s counter-intuitive approach to recessions, says Aden Simpson, with a £2bn investment pledge intended to push growth through the worst effects of Brexit. While it’s true that much of the UK’s leisure sector is currently winning from the peculiar blend of a weak pound and a not yet Brexit-struck...

Richard Sheldon – Give B3 the opportunity to compete

Coinslot Richard Sheldon B3
Storm Gaming CEO Richard Sheldon reveals his forthright views on the need to bolster stakes across all fronts for AWP machines, with particular attention needing to be paid to the already popular B3 category. While Theresa May makes headlines with her Brexit comments, the industry is more directly concerned with whether she will follow through on rumours of a triennial...

£40m fund to boost UK tourism post-Brexit

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The government is hoping to build on the record-breaking success of 2015’s 36 million visitors to the UK as it unveils its new tourism blueprint. With the announcement of the Government’s new tourism blueprint, including a £40m fund for tourism projects nationwide, Theresa May has pledged that Brexit will create “opportunities for growth” in the tourism sector. Aiming to build on...