Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tag: Thanet Council

Extra provisos for Dreamland sale

Dreamland sale extra provisos
Additional conditions are to be added to the prospective sale of Dreamland by Thanet District Council, after objections to the initial terms of the..

Dream on: Historic theme park sale not necessarily a done deal

dreamland theme park deal not done thanet council
The Conservatives on Thanet Council had hoped that their plan to privatise Dreamland was a done deal, but late last week saw vehement dissent..

Dreamland to be re-privatised

Dreamland tipped to be re-privatised
Thanet Council will divest itself entirely of its interest in Dreamland, Britain’s oldest amusement park. Present operator Sands Heritage is tipped to swoop in for the freehold.   Thanet District Council has agreed to sell off its entire stake in the iconic Dreamland amusement park in Margate. The local authority acquired the park in 2013 by way of a compulsory purchase order,...

Thanet maintains tourist parking hike despite protests

Coinslot - Thanet parking
Issues surrounding parking in Thanet may have been resolved for residents, but the local council has agreed to maintain the increase for tourists.   Thanet District Council, which recently scrapped a controversial 135 percent raise in hourly parking rates at popular beachfront car parks - but only for residents, has decided the hike will stay for tourists. In March, a petition signed...