Monday, November 29, 2021

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Disposable income to grow at its slowest rate since records began

Think Tank Resolution Foundation predicts slow growth disposable income
Think tank the Resolution Foundation is predicting an austere future with households facing a miserly increase in income after taxes and fixed costs.

Tourist tax proposals ‘nonsensical’ as industry awaits Northern Ireland VAT review

northern ireland tax
As Scotland and Liverpool consider more ways to implement a tourism tax in the form of a nightly charge, the Campaign to Cut Tourism VAT has warned against further decreasing the competitiveness of Britain’s tourism industry.   Politicians in Scotland and Liverpool are urging their respective governments to devolve the power to implement a nightly tourism levy to local councils, a...

Working Men’s club fights £30,000 VAT battle over game machines

A Working Men’s Club bookkeeper has locked horns with the taxman in a £30,000 dispute, which he believes could have far reaching repercussions.   A David and Goliath battle is underway between a Northampton Working Men’s Club accountant and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, over a £30,000 VAT dispute. Barry Slasberg is taking his fight to the taxman arguing that they...

Wales rejects unpopular ‘tourism tax’

welsh wales assembly
Hoteliers and operators in Wales have welcomed their government’s decision to reject a “tourism tax” in favour of a “vacant land tax”, but some don’t feel this decision is definitive enough. The Welsh government has rejected a controversial ‘tourism tax’ which many believed could have been detrimental to the country's tourist industry. Tourism brings in £5bn a year to the...