Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tag: taxation

Gambling not alone as ‘sin’ taxes increase across tobacco and alcohol

The latest budget from UK chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond has increased tax on online casino games in a bid to cover the £1.15bn lost by the treasury in capping FOBTs. However, gambling wasn’t the only so-called ‘sin’ sector to be hit by the government’s drive to end austerity across public services, with alcohol and tobacco also facing duty...

Bugger the business rates, says Cable

Vince Cable
The latest policy document from the Liberal Democrats wants to do-away with business rates completely, placing the burden of commercial property taxes squarely with land-owners. The Liberal Democrats have laid-down a new plan to abolish the current system of business rates in favour of land-value taxation on commercial property owners. In his introduction to the new proposals, Lib Dem leader...