Friday, January 15, 2021

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HMRC ‘bad faith’ keeping gaming “minnows” off VAT repayment radar, claims Slasberg

Barry Slasberg HMRC VAT refund fight
The forty year vet of the Working Men’s Club sector says that Her Majesty’s revenue service has made good on VAT repayments to big business, whilst letting smaller players go hand. Barry Slasberg is not interested in pulling punches; his battle - or war - with HMRC certainly brings out the rage.

Treasury statistics show true extent of damage to gambling economy

HMRC Gambling income statistics
According to government numbers, taxable gambling income has shrunk 8 per cent overall throughout the year with machine revenue cut almost clear in half nationwide and near eradicated entirely within landed bingo venues.

White denounces “scandalous” targeting of AGCs in three-tier shutdowns

John White Bacta AGCs shutdowns
In his latest missive to membership, Bacta chief executive John White spoke out against what he saw as clear and vindictive political manoeuvring against adult gambling venues packaged within Westminster’s latest Covid-mitigating strategy.

Bacta steps up call for temporary tax cuts for coastal arcades

John White Bacta Call for MGD Tax cuts
Bacta has stepped up its campaign to secure further support measures for the amusements industry, calling on the government to reduce MGD for a temporary period.

KE Entertainments loses appeal for backdated VAT monies

UK Supreme Court KE Entertainments HMRC VAT overpayments
There was a disappointing outcome at the UK Supreme Court for bingo operator KE Entertainments whose appeal to overturn a decision by HMRC not to repay £435,630 in taxes for the period 1996-2004 was turned down.

Showmen secure parliamentary consultation on Red Diesel

Showmen parliamentary consultation red diesel
The Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain secured the support of Margaret Ferrier MP in calling for the Red Diesel tax rebate to be extended to the showmen community, following the removal of entitlements announced in the Budget.

Bacta and HMRC highlight high-rate MGD overpayment

Check your MGD returns, you may be overpaying. That’s the message from Bacta and HMRC this week as figures indicate larger than forecast high rate band..

No plans to change gambling tax this year, says Irish minister

Ireland Gambling Tax Law
As the Irish government stalls in its efforts to update its gambling laws, finance minister Paschal Donohoe says he will not hurry through tax..

Medics call for compulsory levy

Medics call compulsory tax levy problem gambling
The authors of a new medical report say that a mandatory tax on gambling revenue is required to mitigate problem-gambling costs to the health service..

UK Hospitality urges digital tax redirection

UKHospitality has called for digital tax revenues to be used in reducing soaring business rates in response to government consultation. The hospitality association stated the new Digital Services Tax should be invested in supporting Britain’s high street. “UKHospitality has repeatedly called for the introduction of a digital tax to level the play- ing field and better reflect the realities of business...

Taxing times for Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club

kingsley-working-mens club
It may be a David and Goliath confrontation, but Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club have slung a mighty rock at HM Customs & Excise. It won’t have cast the UK’s VAT authorities asunder, but it will certainly sting. The WMC want their £37,000 of duty back, and they are calling on the media to support their fight for justice. Barry...

Threat of statutory levy gains ground

Politics, tax, statutory, levy, industry
The Responsible Gambling Strategy Board has proposed a compulsory levy on gambling operators to fund problem gambling initiatives, as part of feedback on the the UKGC National Strategy. Intended to replace the current voluntary contributions made by firms, the board made the suggestions to designate funding for prevention, treatment and research, with the final Strategy set for publication in April...

Irish bookies await promised tax hike review

irelnad, bookmaker, tax
Ireland is awaiting a review of its bookmaker turnover tax increase from one to two percent, which came into action on 1 January. Proposed as part of Budget 2019 by Ireland’s finance minister Paschal Donohoe, the tax hike has been a cause of huge concern for industry stakeholders, with independent bookmakers in particular feeling squeezed by the 100 percent rise. Following...

Casino machines seized in Dublin

Casino machines, Dublin, ireland, tax
Revenue, Ireland’s customs and taxation agency, has seized equipment from Dr Quirkey’s in Dublin for using amusement licences on its casino machines. It is understood that more than 50 machines were taken from the premises on Wednesday last week, with more also taken from another of the opera- tor’s premises in Phibsborough. This continues on from last year’s crackdown on...

Minister on brink of quitting over FOBT stake delay

FOBT stake reduction
Tracey Crouch, the Sports & Civil Society Minister, is understood to be considering her position after the Treasury announced a six month delay in the reduction of stakes on fixed odds betting terminals. The Government had previously agreed to slash the stakes on fobts, but the recent budget announced that a reduction will be delayed by six months until October...

Ulster still on VAT backfoot against Republic, say observers

Ulster, VAT, tax, politics, ireland
A budgetary increase in VAT paid by the hospitality sector in the Republic of Ireland still leaves Northern Irish counterparts at a pronounced competitive disadvantage, claim industry campaigners. As of 2019, VAT paid on hospitality services in the Republic will rise from 9 per cent to 13.5 per cent - but across the border the UK government continues to enforce...

Pressure grows on Hammond for rates redress

Phillip Hammond, government, Vince Cable, tax, government
There are growing calls for the chancellor to level the taxation playing-field between the high-street and online retailers, after it became clear that British companies will pay an additional £728m in business rates next year. The increase reflects a 2.4 per cent rise in inflation, and is set to bring next the total bill levelled at UK business next year...

Ignored and isolated: Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club receive the silent treatment from the HMRC

kingsley-working-mens club
Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club has been battling to reclaim VAT paid to HMRC for over four years. Caught in the fall- out of a push me pull me legal battle, the WMC remains adamant that the money - nearly £40,000 - is their’s. Barry Slasberg has been driving the case but has hit a wall of silence. Not...

UK Treasury poised to deliver ‘drastic’ online tax rise

Tax hike treasury
The UK treasury is preparing to announce a rise in online taxes, when it delivers the autumn budget next week – that could see liabilities increase by ten percent. The rise is being devised to compensate for lost tax receipts after the controversial cut in gaming machine stakes from £100 to £2 is implemented next year – potentially as soon...

Ireland to double-up on gambling taxation in new budget

An imminent rise in gambling tax to two per cent could see large swathes of Ireland’s landed betting trade, and maybe other gaming sectors, hewn away, say industry advocates. Budget 2019 in the Republic of Ireland is set to double the rate of gambling revenues, from one to two per cent. Finance minister Pascal Donohoe has included the proposal as a...

One percent compulsory levy would be weighted across sectors, says Labour

At a Bacta-sponsored fringe event during the Labour Party Conference, Tom Watson revealed that his proposed one percent statutory levy would be weighted across the differing sectors of the gambling industry. Tom Watson has revealed that his one percent statutory ‘smart levy’ would be weighted across the various industry sectors, with those most responsible for gambling-related harm also paying the...

Wetherspoons denied machine licence in Birmingham

Regional regulatory authorities have shot-down plans for a fifth AWP at the Arthur Robertson in Birmingham. Pub and play-time do not go together under this regime. Local legislators in Birmingham are adamant that the addition of an extra Cat C gaming machine at a local Wetherspoons pub will cause havoc amongst pub-goers. Management at the Arthur Robertson pub - embedded within...

UKHospitality welcomes new APPG rates reform calls

Kate Nicholls
UKHospitality has welcomed a report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship that has called for the government to rapidly reform current business rates structures in the UK. UKHospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls said: “The report identifies considerable flaws in the current tax system and calls for a complete overhaul; something that we have consistently called for. The current system...

Extent of high street woes revealed

High Street
The trials and tribulations of Britain’s high streets have been long discussed and now an investigation published by The Mirror has revealed the numbers behind the talk. In total the report states that since 2010 the high street has lost more than 17,000 businesses. The British pub market has born the brunt of much afflicting the UK consumer space. Demographic discrepancies...

Government reconsidering beer duty freeze

Houses of Parliament
In what would represent a potentially damaging u-turn on policy, the government is considering scrapping the beer duty freeze it introduced only last year. It has been reported that the Treasury is looking to free up £200m from raising the duty on beer as it looks to find alternative means to finance further spending plans. Brigid Simmonds, chief executive of the...

The war on cash: ATMs could face business rates

Retail giants are taking on the Valuation Office Agency over the application of business rates ATMs, and it’s a court case that could have far-reaching consequences for the gaming and amusements industry. A landmark court case could see ATMs inside amusements venues, pubs, and shops across the country classed as independent premises with their own rates to pay - a...

High street diploma

High Street
With national media now campaigning to save the high street, Olly Gully believes the focus should be a reduction in business rates, and a promotion of business-minded individuals in local government. If councils want to collect such high business rates, they need to also support the businesses that pay it. This is the message from Tyler Shaw of Shaws Premier...

Business knows best

Hastings Pier going private, and the i360 offered adoption by Brighton Pier, Olly Gully argues that councils should finally learn the lesson of their limitations. The more you learn about local authorities, the more you learn about the unfortunate reality that so many councils are blessed with busy bodies who don’t know much at all about business. They make predictions,...

FOBTs directly cost the taxpayer £210 million a year

In a press release to the general public, Bacta laid out the direct fiscal cost of FOBTs to the taxpayer, with CEO John White reasserting that a £2 maximum stake is the only viable option. The direct fiscal cost of Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) on the taxpayer is found to be as high as £210 million, independent research suggests. Analysis from...

Determination and media attention push working men’s club tax battle forward

Kingsley Park Working Men’s Club’s bookkeeper Barry Slasberg has been invited to a meeting with HMRC following local media attention and 12 years of determination. The WMC’s battle for a refund of VAT tax has taken a new twist. Following a request for comment from local media and a dogged determination from Kingsley Park Working Mens Club, HMRC have U-turned...