Monday, December 6, 2021

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Is it time to take another look at the pub quiz machine?

SWP pub quiz machines Davis Jones
Following an article earlier in July outlining SWP player Paul Johnson’s desire to see a comeback for his favourite machine, another player - David Jones

A player’s perspective: What’s killing the SWP?

SWP Paul Johnson
According to thirty year SWP player Paul Johnson, the reasons behind the demise of the classic pub quiz machine are complex and leave a conundrum similiar..

White praises Cat C’s “straight contribution to the bottom line”

John White praises Pub Cat C Contribution
Speaking to Bacta’s CEO John White, the importance of Cat Cs in the pub environment is evident. But, he suggests, it could be even more so if contactless payments are brought into play.

Games Warehouse relaunches National Tournament on Paragon

Coinslot Games Warehouse Tournament
Games Warehouse has launched the Tri Towers National Tournament and now could be the perfect opportunity for operators reap the range of benefits to be had by connecting their Paragon SWP machines. Games Warehouse is recognised for delivering compelling entertainment concepts to pubs and bars nationwide and its Paragon brand has been going strong for over 10 years. On 16 September, Games...