Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tag: Supreme Court

External cash machines shouldn’t pay seperate rates, rules Supreme Court

ATM Cash Machine business rates
Operators that have previously paid separate business rates on their cash machines could be in for a rebate after supermarkets won an appeal in the Supreme Court last week, Grocers including Tesco and Sainsbury’s first won a ruling saying they were not liable for separate rates on cash machines at their supermarkets in 2018, but this decision was challenged by valuations officers working for HMRC.

Supreme Court case stirs school holiday debate

Coinslot - Supreme Court School holidays
With a recent ruling against unauthorised school holidays setting a new precedent on the issue, BALPPA’s chief executive Paul Kelly sheds light on what these new developments might mean for the UK attractions industry.   The future of school holidays and their effect on leisure businesses and tourism was put into the limelight last week as a father lost his legal...