Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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Comment: Make government listen / This is no time to pull the plug

Comment 2755 Make Government listen - No time to pull the plug
The industry needs to look at how the government is behaving towards GPs and come-up with a powerful and engaging campaign.

Novomatic: Magic Games’ platform soon to be end of life

Novomatic Magic Games platform support to end
Novomatic Gaming UK (NGUK) has issued an end of life notice for the original Magic Games and Magic Lotto platform, Booksize PC, which has become beyond economic repair for the manufacturer.

Welsh government offers support for hospitality and leisure supply chain businesses

Welsh government offers support for hospitality and leisure supply chain businesses
After being left to fend for themselves under pandemic conditions for more than a year, eligible supply chain businesses in Wales will receive up to £25k from the newly re-elected government in its latest support package.

Bingo Association calls for “top-up” support

Bingo Association calls for top up support
With the UK cultural sector benefiting from a £1.57bn support fund, the Bingo Association has called on DCMS to provide similar support to bingo clubs, noting the industry’s significant economic, cultural and community impact.

Mark Jepp: If the prime minster is following the data then the milestone dates should be brought forward at the very least

Mark Jepp assessment Government handling of pandemic
Mark Jepp hasn’t pulled any punches in his assessment of the government’s handling of the pandemic - the paradox, he says, is the vaccine has led to a longer lockdown not an earlier reopening.

Quentin Stott: The supply chain has been woefully supported by the government

Quentin Stott Reflex Gaming supply chain woefully supported by government
Quentin Stott is very clear: the supply sector has been left out in the cold, both pre and post roadmap. The problem is, companies such as Reflex are vital to their customer base - without them the customer’s recovery is in jeopardy. But without effective government support, those supply chain businesses are also in jeopardy. Very simple maths, but why can’t the government add it up?

Are there rays of hope on discretionary funding and business rates flickering for suppliers?

Business rate appeals
Bacta has said that supply-chain companies within amusements trade should continue to press their local authorities for funding through their discretionary support programmes.

White’s wishlist: A clear road map, rates relief and tax cuts – and recognition of the pivotal role of the supply chain

Westminster Bacta road map supply chain
It’s been a very long year for Bacta CEO John White. He’s been right up close and personal on Zoom with all the government departments in all the devolved administrations and met with brick walls, concessions, support, rejections.

Grand Pier goes blue for NHS

Grand Pier Weston blue NHS
Weston-super-Mare’s Grand Pier has turned its illuminations NHS blue to demonstrate it support and appreciation of care staff on the frontline.

Innovative Technology expands German support team

Innovative Technology have recently welcomed the latest addition to its customer support team. Annabell Fock, customer support advisor joined the Innovative Technology support division in Germany at the beginning of February in order to provide first-line technical support to local customers. This is part of the wider organisation’s strategy to expand their first-line technical support facilities on a global scale...

There’s service and then there’s E-Service

Coinslot Mike Clokie service
E-Service provides the industry with much more than simply a comprehensive spares and support package delivered from two key locations within the UK. Managing director, Mike Clokie, explains how, courtesy of significant investment in staff, support techniques and system infrastructure, the company has become the first choice for after sales support for many AGC’s, FEC’s, casinos and single site...